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1989, a Stone Age (16-color! 400-pixel-wide screen!) digital painting of my dream-self stuck in the waking world, by Chris Wayan

I'm a unicorn drawing away in art class, feeling more naked than the model...

This wasn't a dream, but how I felt in my first real life-drawing class. I felt out of place there--a suburban college. I'd been dreaming of meeting unicorns, and occasionally being unicorns; I turned in digital dream-paintings as homework. When I showed my work, my classmates and even the teacher said "Computers are soulless and evil."

I really wore a mask in that class, and I felt like the ink I drew with was my blood. Hard, hard, hard.

Oh, and I had a silent crush on my classmate Robin...

a unicorn student in a chaotic life-drawing class

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