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1990 nondream digital painting on marginality by Chris Wayan

Digi-graffito on homeless people here in the City. When I was battered, I briefly lived on the streets. The tremendous fragility of most street people struck me then and now. Many of them can't physically tolerate the "food" and "shelter" and "work" they're offered elsewhere in the country to get them back to normal, a normality toxic to them.

They often know they're allergic, chemosensitive or stress-intolerant, but can't always avoid their triggers. Seen as crazy if they reject help, and crazy if they accept and go into some weird state of shock or get sick or panic or hallucinate... Poisoned by America and then shunned for it.

rough, huge, hollow-eyed face with a graffiti monologue behind, asking 'Where did I go wrong? Or is it... YOU?'

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