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Quicksilver Dream Wyrm

Dreamed before July 27, 2003 by Orion Sandstorrm

A bizarre dragon that has appeared in two different dreams of mine. In one dream he (she?) was the manager of a toystore; in another, a member of a mythic underground rebellion.

He has skin and eyes like hematite, black and metallic. No legs: he walks around on the points of his wings, which they are strong enough to do. After all, deer legs look thin and frail, but they move with strength and speed. I've only ever seen him walk, though he's surely muscular enough to run or fly like nothing else. I didn't quite get the wingpose right in this picture, but that's because the pose I want might be physically impossible in the waking world.

Grayscale drawing of a dark but mirror-shiny dragonlike being, wing-walking like a bat. Dreamed, drawn, and copyright by Orion Sandstorrm (the double r is correct). Permission requested.

He's four feet tall at the forehead and speaks in a deep rich voice. His presence instills in you a kind of unsettled awe, perhaps because you can't tell if his eyes are open or closed, or because you can't see yourself or anything else reflected on his skin, only the sky. Only a strange gray sky.

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