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I never was a hippie. I just looked like one.

I began painting mandalas (magic circles) during my final year as a graduate student, in 1967. I painted them exclusively until the mid 1980ís. At that time I had the internal need to become involved with other forms of imagery, both figures and landscape.

In 2006 Jenny and I visited the Turkish Republic. I saw a great deal of tile work and rugs that renewed my interest in geometry and inspired me to return to the art of the mandala, though when the spirit moves me I still paint figures and landscapes.

I call my work "Art of the Mandala" because though it is spiritual-based, it's about color, composition, and a sense that I've created a space using the universal symbol of a circle.

Through my history of painting I've always followed the spiritual wisdom of John Gruenwald:

What's the difference between an artist and a dog?
Eventually, the dog stops whining.

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