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dreamed 2008/9/9 by Wayan.

I look across the Mission flats, from Bernal Hill's knee.
A log floats and bobs in the sky. No, it swims the air,
a skyshark. But a leaner slender wonder! Barracuda.
Airacuda? Hmm.

That's no fish but a rigid craft. Great graceful deltafins,
still too small for wings. So what holds the airfish up? No
science I know. The airacuda swoops toward me, grows,
but eerily silent. I hunger for thunder. I'd even settle for
a firm hum.

The fish skims so low I duck; seems but a few yards long.
But though both eyes see the miracle clear, all parallax is gone.
Stealth technology! Blocked stereoscopy dizzies my brain.
Jewels flash--portholes, or runninglights small as my thumb?
Liner or drone?

The fish wheels slowly (if a mere drone! If ship, why then
she's agile) and descends again, buzzing my head, to squat
(and fill) a parking lot. She's huge. And then American
Marines pour down.

A second rounder langorous fish swims sinuous until
I'm sure its antigrav's another type. Kana on her hull.
America, Japan--twin inventions, hushed, but now they'll rule
Earth, Mars, Moon.

Do airfish swim for peace, the stars, the end of man?
The troops ply me with spoken code. And I... respond!
Blink in shock, and yet... out preposterous phrases come.
Forgot my own advisory role in their planetary plan.
What have I done?

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: a streamlined sharklike spaceship


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