I'm in a band called the Krelkins--Mike Marrelli on guitars and bass, Nic Griffin on accordion, Erik Gross on drums, Chris Wayan on keyboards; we all sing. We compose all our own songs, many of them from dreams. We aim to be the next Beatles. (Of course I'm also painting dream-art, working as the handyman for our co-operative house, trying to print out the last pages of a graphic novel (Dreamtales), and tapping out code every night for these !#$*!! webpages too...) The equipment's there, the music's written, the songs are (mostly) arranged, the band is recording (eight good tracks now--Aug 2014) but everything takes time. Daily do I offer up prayers to my savage deity: "Great Goddess, let this be the last take!" And lo, it isn't.

Tentative songlist for Meet the Krelkins:

Boldfaced songs are dream-inspired; several tell dreams directly.

I'm listing this CD prematurely because I want people to nag us so we'll finish sooner.

Other unrecorded dream-songs are on the site as lyric-and-chord sheets, like Anarchy Fair; others are like The Busy Ness Man, presented as prose. We're working that one up as a sort of five-minute micro-opera in six voices (yeah, there are only three of us, but we're all schizoid, so that works out neatly.)

Hey, if you've recorded a CD, and have hard-won advice (sound studio versus do it yourself?), we'd love to hear your experiences:



I'm scanning/converting all my books and comics for the Web as fast as I can but they're superdetailed and often need tweaking. Patience! See the comics list.


I've always lived other lives in my sleep. Other bodies, times, worlds. Each tale is such a life.

DREAMTALES collection,
coming as soon as I find a publisher or save up enough to print it myself.
250 pages of COLOR dream-comics! Includes full-color editions of:
BIRDS AND BOYS (see below)
OPEN YOUR CAGE (see below)
FISHER GIRLS (for a low-resolution web version, see: Fisher Girls)
THIEF OF DREAMS (see below)
BRAVE NEW MILLENIUM (new stuff nowhere else)
2006, approx 8x11", 250 pp.
The Faerie Queen steals me to nurse an anti-changeling
Polar bears vie for power in the new City Hall
The Hedgehog Dispensary: a rabbit-shaman's apprentice screws up...
A dryad filmmaker flirts with the wrong Xena extra...
52 pp color comics. Just done. Don't know about printing/binding/cost yet!
Dreamtales 6: THIEF OF DREAMS:
Just another lesbian gothic mermaid detective dream...
24 pp comic, 8.5" by 11"; FULL COLOR. My longest, most ambitious dream-comic ever. $24.
Dreamtales 5: OPEN YOUR CAGE: a collection of a dozen dream-comics, including:
Elmer Fudd as Frankenstein,
Perissa the centaur exhibitionist,
an army of anorexics and the world's only all-bulemic band. (Uh-oh, just lost some fans).
psychic dreams about fox-spirits and
a volcanic guitarist,
and half a dozen more.
1999, 40 page comics collection, $8
Dreamtales 4: MONEY TALKS:
Thirty-one short dreams about money and financial advice, with COLOR illustrations. Buddha's vending machine, demon poker, Trump on the run, utopias on Saturn... To my surprise, they added up to a dream-philosophy about money and prosperity in general.
1998, half-size (about 5.5" by 8"), COLOR, 28 pages, $8.
Dreamtales 3: BIRDS AND BOYS:
BIRDS AND BOYS, like OPEN YOUR CAGE, is a collection of pencil-shaded comics too detailed for the Web, including:
A dream-statue garden and the Cat Guru's skate-athon on the moon.
Were-Girl gnaws on my gate, explains life, moondances, and draws us her interpretation of a Dickinson poem. Emily rules!
How I became a swan.
Petting the cat gets out of hand.
Why I draw more dreams where I'm a girl than a boy.
I face death by gang-rape or by Kafka Bug.
A dream-report on our newest national park, the sextopia of Capitol Reef.
The happy tale of Octopus Esthetics.
I'm a sexy singing beast freeing the Prisoner from REM's Moral Kiosk.
I'm the first woman baseball commissioner, and a team of monsters want a franchise.
First psychologist on the moon--or is he a groundhog?
32 pp comics collection $8.
Dreamtales 2: WING IT!:
A non-dream experiment--a solo jam in which I don't copy life, dreams, plans, ideas--just draw from the spontaneous void. Images and characters emerge, take over, and evolve... It'll get you doodling.
1996, pencil, 12 pages, $3.
An artistic sphinx plays tourist in San Francisco, draws the natives, and falls in love... A tribute to Gauguin's journal of Tahiti.
This was my first nondigital comic, drawn in lush and intricate grayscale with an exotic new art tool called a "pencil". 1994-5. 24 pages, $5.
Books of dream-comics and illustrated dream stories, ALL COLOR, trade paperback size (about 5x8"). All these dream stories are on the website now, but if you just gotta have print...
DUMB DREAMS: pointless dreams of pigs, poets, pregnancy, precognitions, penises, Persians, and other unspeakable subjects. A sampler from the dream humor page. Illustrated dreamtales, early 2001, 16 pages. $5.
HIS DEER WIFE: I'm a slave, a scribe in the house of a captain of the New Aztec Empire, when he brings home a wife... 16 pp., illustrated dream-story, 2000, 16 pages. $5.
BIRTH DREAMS: A book of eleven illustrated dreams of pregnancy, birth, otters, breastfeeding, runaways, monkeys, menstruation, marsupiality, and other taboo subjects. 1998, 16 pages. $5.
I MIST MY SISTER: Unrequited love's even harder when it's incest. A healing dream. 1993. 10 pages, $4.
MY THREE HUSBANDS: I'm three women at once! We marry magic animals from other worlds and form a commune. A dream of sexual wildness and censorship. 1991. 16 pages, $5.
BROWN DRESS: I'm a 12-year-old girl growing up in a slum, turning shame and sexual trauma into courage and excitement. My favorite early work, and my most personal. 1990-1, 10 pages, $4.

Email: wdreamb@yahoo.com
Snailmail: Chris Wayan, 242A Prentiss Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 USA

CAUTION! These are uncensored dream stories for mature readers. Your brain may fry, your mom may turn purple, your government may fall. Cultural and legal codes are a chaotic patchwork, so I can't predict local reactions to this stuff.

What's "mature" mean? If you can handle the website, the books are similar: some sexy scenes, rather casual nudity and swearing, green feminist queer politics, and cheerful pagan blasphemy.

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