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World Dream Bank: Places

by Chris Wayan 2001-2012

Dreams listed by their SETTINGS are below. A few FREQUENT SETTINGS have dedicated pages: London, New York, San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Yosemite, the Moon, Mars, Middle Earth, Heaven, Hell, the Astral Plane. Under construction: Ancient China, Oz...

By the way, Oz is next to Oxford. I don't wall off Truth or Fiction. National borders are bad enough.

Abyssia (an alternate Earth) Abyssia
Africa The Power Of Suggestion
Africa Idi Amin
Africa: Algeria Sudden Death
Africa: Burundi The Air Burundi Paintings
Africa: Guinea-Bissau My Guinea-Bissau Revolution
Africa: Kenya Lion Eyes
Africa: Rift Lakes Soulboard
Africa: Western Sahara Ship of Jade
Africa, in an improbable future Giraffetaur Grove
Ak'hai'i Archipelago Lyr: Ak'hai'i
Alaska Poirot
Alaska Swan
Alaska Whale Bikes to Heaven
Algeria Sudden Death
the Allthing, Iceland Critters in the Rift
Alpha, an archipelago on Venus Venus: Alpha
the Alps Alp Vark
the Althing, Iceland Critters in the Rift
Amazonia Amazon A(u)nts
Amazonia (well, Surinam) Flying in the fall
Amazonia: southern Roraima Roraima Jump
American West Ancestors' Shoes
American West The Aztec Rez
American West: Wyoming I Fight For Beauty
Amsterdam A Final Goodbye
Anarres, Ursula Le Guin's anarchist world Serrana
the Andes Air Oasis
the Angevin Empire The Duke Who Never Existed
the Anzac Deep Siphonian Quartet
Aphrodite, a continent on Venus Aphrodite: Ulfrun, Mt Maat, Dali Chasma
Aphrodite: Diana & Artemis Chasmas, Thetis, Juno
Aphrodite: Ovda, Manatum
Appalachia, a coal-mine county The Boss's Guts
Arabia My Muslim Mother-in-Law
Arabia President of the World, or, Uh-oh!
Arabia Shell and Stone
Arizona: Grand Canyon Red Uncle, Red Canyon
Arizona, northeastern plateau See Four Corners below
Arizona: Tombstone Six-Month, Seventeen-Year Cabinet
Arkansas: Fayetteville The Longing to be Saved
Armenia A Fountain in the Armenians
Artemis Chasma on Venus Central Aphrodite
Asia, Central: Dzungaria Am I Ephemeral?
Asia, Central (Mongolia) Boys Who Run With the Scissors
Asia, Central: Xanadu Kubla Khan
Asia, Central: Ferghana Basin, Issyk Kul Learning Scales
Asteria: western subcontinent of Beta, on Venus Venus: Beta and Asteria
Asteroid belt Flirting with Napoleon
the astral plane or spirit world The astral plane now has its own page
Athens, Greece Goblet of Gold
Athens, Greece Socrates's Swan
Atlantic, north, 1912 Titanic Image
Atlantic, north, 1912 Titanic Nightmares
Atlantic Rift fracture-fjords Siphonian Quartet
Atlantis Abyssia: Atlantis
Australia The Mimi
Australia Sea Eagle
Australia The Mountain, the Magpie and the Road:
Australia: Blue Mountains? Scissors and Fox-Flight
Australia: Melbourne Envying Lynn
Australia: Melbourne Mom in the Driver's Seat
Australia: Melbourne The Occupation
Australia: the Outback Diphtheria Speck
Australia: small town Cart with Husband
Austria Baby Hitler's Dog
Austria, near Linz Nightmare 1944
Austro-Hungarian Empire Ferdinand's Assassination
Averorn Archipelago LYR: Averorn
Balkan Peninsula, 1914 Ferdinand's Assassination
Baluchistan, 1917 Che Fanno gli Inglesi?
Bavaria, Germany The Spell Blurs Women
Bayonne, New Jersey, 1945 Bayonne
Bayonne, New Jersey, 1953 Big Flaming Planes
The Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco, 2005 Dino Bard
The Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco, 2011 Mirrorcunt
The Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco, 2013 Stuck Snake
The Beatorio, a sculpture-grotto Creating Wings
Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia Sea Eagle
A beehive (from the bees' perspective) City of Bees
Belarus: Minsk A Date in Minsk
Berkeley, California Bike Odyssey
Berkeley, California Weredogs aren't Racist
Berkeley, California Let Go the Safe!
Berner's Well, Wales Collar of Gold
Beta, a continent on Venus Venus: Beta
Big Sur (California central coast) Foresee Election, but Blind to Sex
Big Sur Thirty Days
Big Sur Tigerborn
Big Sur coast (well, just off it) Green Angels
Black Forest, 1914-16 Superimposed
Black Rock Desert, Nevada The Bleeding Heart (part 2, "In the Future Desert")
Black Rock Desert, Nevada Trail of Pogs
Black Rock Desert, Nevada Ocarina, or, the Million-Year Sentence
Bolivia? Or Peru? Air Oasis
Bombay/Mumbai/Bollywood Bollywood Love
Bosnia: Sarajevo Ferdinand's Assassination
Brazil History Changes
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro On Molly's Forehead
Britain: see England, Scotland or Wales
British Columbia see Canada: British Columbia
Brno, Czech Republic: Mendelian Chimeras
Broadfirth and Laxdale, Iceland Gudrun's Four Husbands
Brocken, peak in southern Germany Specter of the Brocken
Burning Man festival, Nevada The Bleeding Heart
Burning Man festival, Nevada Ocarina, or, the Million-Year Sentence
Burning Man festival, Nevada Trail of Pogs
Burning Man festival, Nevada Twilight Anima Rising
Burundi The Air Burundi Paintings
Byelorussia: Minsk A Date in Minsk
Cairo: see Egypt, Modern
Calefon (far future California): a rudood grove Do You Love Me, John?
California Jerry Brown's Law
California: Big Sur (Ventana Wilderness) Thirty Days
California as... a sex object? Fuck California
California: Big Sur Foresee Election, but Blind to Sex
California: Big Sur (well, just offshore) Green Angels
California: Big Sur Tigerborn
California: Big Sur, Ventana Hotsprings Thirty Days
California: Catalina Island Swimming in Van Gogh's Ocean
California, central: The Pinnacles Climb Down the Pinnacles
California: coastal hills Which Road
California coastal town Obispo's Out of Range
California coastal town. Well, the air above it. Above the White Tower
California coastal village, in the future Coyote's Vault
California: Mt. Diablo A Night on Mt. Diablo
California: East Palo Alto House of Blue Light
California: Elkhorn Slough In Watsonville California
California: Fresno They Feed They Lion
California: Los Angeles see LOS ANGELES below
California: Moss Landing In Watsonville California
California: Palm Springs? Sybil Sue Flannery
California: Palo Alto Mood Elevators
California: Palo Alto see Silicon Valley and Psychodrama
California: Redwood City Bayshore and Charter
California: Redwood City Centaur Audition
California, redwood coast, in the future Do You Love Me, John?
California: Salton Sea Poking Through the Net
California: San Diego Chesterfield Mover
California: San Francisco San Francisco now has its own page
California: Santa Barbara Martha's Fall
California: Santa Cruz see Santa Cruz below
California: Santa Catalina Island Swimming in Van Gogh's Ocean
California: Selma Then I Revisit Selma
California: Shasta region (Oregon border) see SHASTA below
California: Silicon Valley Silicon Valley now has its own page
California, southern: Catalina Island Swimming in Van Gogh's Ocean
California: Lake Tahoe (Nevada border) see TAHOE below
California: Ventana Wilderness Thirty Days
California: Watsonville In Watsonville California
California: Whittier Martha's Fall
California: Yosemite see YOSEMITE below
Canada pre-1961 Ned's Kiss
Canada pre-1961 Yes, Emma, One Pound Onions
Canada, 1982 The Fount of Canadian Wisdom
Canada: Alberta/British Columbia border An Elk Showed Me A Sign of Peace
Canada: Alberta/British Columbia border Blue Skies
Canada: British Columbia Cosmic Maypole
Canada: British Columbia Potlatch Smoke
Canada: British Columbia My Tutelary Uncle
Canada: Mackenzie River (bordering Yukon) Arctic Changeling
Canada: Nunavut (Inuit homeland) Lizard Lesson
Canada: Quebec (Montreal) Like Notre Dame
Caribbean: Martinique Picard's Angels
Caribbean: Puerto Rico At Least He's a Doctor
Carlisle, England, 1745 The Key to his Life
Carolina, North Avenue of Trees
Carolina, North Butler's Crossing
Carthage, 203 AD Perpetua's Last Dream
Casbeen (imaginary country?) The Phoenix
Catalina Island Swimming in Van Gogh's Ocean
Central Asia (Dzungaria) Am I Ephemeral?
Central Asia (Ferghana Basin, Issyk Kul) Learning Scales
Central Asia: Scythia (today, southern Ukraine & Russia) Saint Bridget
Central Asia (Mongolia) Boys Who Run With the Scissors
Central Asia (imaginary, but don't be fussy) Kubla Khan
Central Asia (probably Dzungaria) Am I Ephemeral?
Chechnya Theater Hostage
a Cheese the size of Alcatraz Sentenced to Cheese
Chicago Overlay
China The Dog Pilot Program
China The Wraith of Khan
China Hydrogen Initiation
China, mythical Learning Scales
China, mythical Reborn Immortal
China, early Han Dynasty The Chiang-Shih
China, late 700s Kidnap Li Po
China, 1860s, Taiping Rebellion Sabotaged Boats
China, 1938, Japanese occupation Whose Dream Was It?
China, mythic/1948? Princess of Passion
China, 1976, Cultural Revolution Yellow Crane
China, 1989, Tiananmen massacre Supernova Era
China, Beijing Supernova Era
China: Dzungaria Am I Ephemeral?
China: Hong Kong A Colony in the Hollow Hills
China (southeast) Once a Hero
China (southeast) Reborn Immortal
China: Three Gorges before the dam China and America
China: Wuhan, 1976 Yellow Crane
China: Yen'an The Real Mao
China, Yen'an/mythic Princess of Passion
Coconino County, Ariz Cheetah
Colorado Crazy Egg
Colorado (Denver) Headless Nag
Colorado (Front Range) Garden of the Gods
Colorado (Pike's Peak) Pike's Journal
Colorado (southwestern) see Four Corners region below
Columbia Gorge, Oregon Columbia
Congo President of the World, or, Uh-oh!
Coon Rapids, Minnesota What Really Happened
Cornwall, England (Truro Cathedral) Extract from a Poem in Progress
Corona, a continent in Ythri Cluster, on Lyr Lyr: Ythri: Corona
Coventry, England Sentenced to Cheese
Crete Enjoy Life--Buy More Snakes!
Crete Galley Slave
Czechoslovakia Humpbacked Coat-Thief
Czech Republic: Brno Mendelian Chimeras
Dakota Lakota Trainscapes
Dakota, South Walrushmore
Dallas, Texas Dallas Gmork
Demetia, Wales Collar of Gold
Denver, Colorado Headless Nag
Detroit, Michigan They Feed They Lion
Diablo, Mount (Northern California) A Night on Mt. Diablo
Diomedes Cluster, a huge archipelago on Lyr Diomedes: T'kela and Kilnu
Diomedes: Lannach and Dawrnach
Diomedes: Holmenach
Diomedes: Cape Rodonis
Diomedes: Kyrie Is.
Dione, an archipelago on Venus Venus: Dione
Discworld, Terry Pratchett's fictional cosmos I'm a major fan, but sorry, no dreams here yet!
Dover and the English Channel Off Dover
Dubia (no, not Dubai: a model of Earth after greenhousing) Dubia
Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland The Axe of Death
Dzungaria (Western China north of the Tien Shan) Am I Ephemeral?
East Africa: Rift Lakes Soulboard
Eastern Europe: Czechoslovakia (before it split) Humpbacked Coat-Thief
Eastern Europe: Estonia? Guide in the Ruins
Eastern Europe: Belarus A Date in Minsk
Eastern Europe: Serbia Ferdinand's Assassination
Eastern Europe: Lappland Spill-Spell
Eastern Europe: Russia Guard on the Beach
Eastern Europe: Russia Boris Badenov
Eastern Europe: Russia Theater Hostage
Eastern Europe: Scythia (southern Ukraine) Saint Bridget
Egypt Firebird
Egypt, ancient The Egyptian Exhibit
Egypt, ancient Pharaoh Hooks
Egypt, ancient Ship of the sun
Egypt, ancient The Unicorn Mask of Ignorability
Egypt, ancient? Viewfinder, or, She Uses her Body as a Viewfinder for the Male Spirit to Pass Through
Egypt, ancient/modern The Pirate Twins
Egypt, modern (but with the ancient dug up and prowling) The Egyptian God
Egypt, modern Clown
Egypt, modern The Leap
Egypt, modern Moa
Egypt, modern Rubbish
Elfhome, a parallel Earth I Had the Strangest Dream, and You were There
Elfland Elves and Faerie now have their own page
Elmira, N.Y. Flaming Leaves
England, rural, date uncertain The White Deer, Re-enacted
England, Angevin Empire The Duke Who Never Existed
England, 1550 Hide the List
England, 1745 The Key to his Life
England, 1754 Remarkable
England: late 1800s Curse Her in the Oak
England, 1904 All Hallows Eve
England, 1932 A Sharp Click
England, 1948 Support Team
England, 1990s Pregnancy from Hell
England, near future Eyebolt
England: Bognor, 1825 Bognor Marriage
England: Birkenhead, 1912 New Brighton Murder
England: Brighton, 2017 Bitter Transformations
England: Cambridge, 1948 F.I.P
England: Cannington, 1890s Linch-Pin
England: Carlisle, 1745 The Key to his Life
England: Cornwall, 1812 Mr. Perceval's Murder
England: Carlisle, 1745 The Key to his Life
England: Cornwall, 1972 Extract from a Poem in Progress
England: Coventry, 1850s Sentenced to Cheese
England: Dover Off Dover
England: Glastonbury, 1805 Creating Wings
England: Gloucestershire Remarkable
England: Goole, Yorkshire The Black Stream
England: Honley, Yorkshire The Black Stream
England: Irish Sea The Rowan
England: Kinver, Worcestershire Chasm
England: Kinver, Worcestershire Let There Be Light
England: Kinver, Worcestershire, 1861 The Red Light
England: Lake District, 1930s Trout Beck
England: Lake District, 1948 I am a Bird
England: London London now has its own page
England: Meopham, 1930 Meopham Air Disaster
England: the Midlands, 1958 F.I.P
England: Netley Abbey, near Southampton Crushed by Netley Abbey
England: New Brighton, 1912 New Brighton Murder
England: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, c.1967 Coal Face
England: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1973 A Premonition
England: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1985 Three Dreams
England: northern I am a Bird
England: northern The Dog King
England: off Nottingham, Yorkshire Jump Overboard
England: Oxford Burn the Eggs!
England: Oxford The Golden Paw
England: Somerset, 1890s Linch-Pin
England, southern, 1948 Support Team
England, south-central British Triangle
England: Suffolk, 1828 The Red Barn Murder
England: Swaffham, Norfolk, 1460s The Swaffham Tinker
England: Truro Cathedral, Cornwall (1972) Extract from a Poem in Progress
England: Yorkshire, 1928-30 The Black Stream
England: Yorkshire, 1930 Meopham Air Disaster
English Channel Off Dover
Equestria see My Little Pony dreams
Erie, Lake Around Lake Erie and Across the Hudson
Estonia (?) Guide in the Ruins
Estonia: Tallinn Mendelian Chimeras
Etna, Mt. Etna-Shasta, or, Groom Your Own Feathers
Euphrates River, Iraq Crocodile King
Europe: central, c. 1900? Annie, Get Your Gown
over Europe, c. 1943 Mom on the Wing
Everest, Mt. The Everest Marathon
Everest, Mt. (see also HIMALAYAS, below) The Mummy
the Everglades, Florida Girl into Heron
Faerie Elves and Faerie now have their own page
Faeroe Islands Gunnhildr's Birth Dream
Falkland Islands Gunships
Fayetteville, Arkansas The Longing to be Saved
Ferghana Basin and Issyk Kul Learning Scales
Fife, Scotland The Axe of Death
Fiji Islands First Night on Fiji
Finland The Runes
Finland Torturer
Finland: Lappland Spill-Spell
Flandry, a continental cluster on Lyr Flandry: Nyanza Is, Aquant, Altla
Flandry: Besar, Merseia, Starkad
Flandry: Altai
Florence, Italy The Lost Ring
Florida Clocks Stop, Clocks Start
Florida Lois the Flirt
Florida, Cape Canaveral area Wishes Ricochet
Florida, Clearwater Satisfaction
Florida, Everglades Girl into Heron
Four Corners (Pueblo or Navaho land--unsure) Talisman
Four Corners (Coconino County, Ariz) Cheetah
Four Corners (Navaho Res.) The Green Bird
Four Corners (Navaho Res.) The Swallows of Four Corners
Four Corners (Navaho Res.) Navajo Horses
Four Corners (Ariz, Utah, New Mex, Colo) The White Mare of Transform Ranch
Four Corners, Hopi Reservation Grief Kiva
Four Corners: Hopi spirit world (San Francisco Peaks?) A Conversation with Anorexia
Four Corners (dreamworld with shared Navahopi Reservation) Sell-Fish Witches
France, 1960s the dreams of Georges Perec
France: Cap Falcon Papa
France: English Channel and Calais Off Dover
France: the German front, 1918 Wound-Bargain
France: mountains High in the Mountains
France: mountain lakes A Love Affair
France: Normandy, 1944 Jack in the Ditch
France: Orléans, 19th century Pudding & Fortgibu
France: Paris see Paris below
France: Provence, 1834 Irises
France: Riviera, 1932 Three Sevens
France: Riviera (Maeght modern art museum grounds) The Cat
France: Trois Freres Cave Deer-Man Dancing
Frankfurt, 1916 Superimposed
Freedom, California (near Santa Cruz) Skimming toward Freedom
Fresno, California They Feed They Lion
Fukushima Nuclear Plant, Japan Elf Circle
Gaiila Continental Cluster,
a huge archipelago on Lyr
Gaiila: the mainland
Gaiila: Quetlan, Equatoria, Tau, Carnoi
Gaiila: Tyrlan
Gaiila: the Tempest Islands
Galapagos Islands The Black Current
Ganymede, moon of Jupiter Pinball Showdown
Gejrthjolfsfjord, Iceland Gisli the Outlaw
Germany, mythic times The Spell Blurs Women
Germany, 1806 To Keep Him Company
Germany, mid 1800s (Prussia) In the Vault
Germany, 1914-16 Superimposed
Germany, early 1940s (3rd Reich) Hitler's Roost
Germany, early 1940s (3rd Reich) Two-Headed Beast
Germany, 1947 (Occupation) Pat's Warning
Germany, The Brocken (peak) Specter of the Brocken
Glasgow, Scotland (1903) Sister to Life
Glasgow, Scotland (2006) Strange Service
Glastonbury, England (1805) Creating Wings
Grand Canyon Red Uncle, Red Canyon
Great Britain see England, Scotland, London, etc.
Great Lakes, East Africa Soulboard
Great Lakes: Illinois: a conservatory Pianos in the Sky
Great Lakes: Indiana Clocks Stop, Clocks Start
Great Lakes: Lake Michigan Sky-Thaw
Great Lakes: Michigan Septic
Great Lakes: Detroit They Feed They Lion
Great Lakes: Michigan woods Clarence, Go This Way
Great Lakes: Minnesota Are You Ready?
Great Lakes: Minnesota Dead, Alive, Dead
Great Lakes: Wisconsin Sky-Thaw
Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, 1938 Whose Dream Was It?
Greece, ancient Three-year Pregnancy
Greece, ancient: Athens Goblet of Gold
Greece, ancient: Athens Socrates's Swan
Greece, ancient: Megara The Megara Inn
Greece, a lost colony Jimmy, the Heideggarian Barbarian
Greece, medieval? Satyr
Greek isles The Doggysey
Greek isles: Lesbos? The Isle Furies
Greenland Serafina and Ram Dass
Greenland, alternate (half-thawed) Turnovia
Greenland, alternate (Nordic, flooded) Dubia
Greenland, alternate (rainforest) Seapole
Greenland, alternate (savanna) Jaredia
Greenland, alternate (huge lake with isles) Inversia
Grosswardein, Hungary Ferdinand's Assassination
Guam, 1944 Pete
Guatemala Tiger's Eye Cave
Guinea-Bissau My Guinea-Bissau Revolution
Haiti Sock Puppets of the Gods
Hannibal, Missouri Huck Finn's Wish
Hawaii After a Long Illness
Hawaii Aroo's Engineers
Hawaii Balolokong
Hawaii: Oahu The Destruction of Hawai'i
Hawaii: Kauai: Haena Haena Twilit Cove
Hawaii Hickophobia
Hawaii, island of Kauai: Hanalei Learning Scales
Hawaii with a ninth island Not Our Hawai'i
Heaven Heaven now has its own page
Hell Hell now has its own page
Heloon Impact Basin Tharn: Heloon
Helena, St. (island in South Atlantic) Saint Helena
Himalaya: see also Nepal, Tibet, India...
Himalayan foothills Tandem Dream in Katmandu
Himalayan foothills Wolves Evolve
Himalayas Brick and Skin
Himalayas Ink Mountain
Himalayas The Nepalese Drop
Himalayas The Everest Marathon
Himalayas Famine
Himalayas Flying Carpet
Himalayas The Mix-Up
Himalayas The Mummy
Himalayas Parvati Saws the Wall
Himalayas Relief Caravan
Himalayas See-Through Bags
Himalayas Water Books
Himalayan foothills Red-Tailed Unicorn: a Tanka
Hogwarts, a school of magic JK Rowling
Holland Merloo's Brothers
Hollywood The Bleeding Heart
Hopi Reservation Grief Kiva
Hopi spirit world A Conversation with Anorexia
Houston, Texas Toadfish Towers
Hudson River Around Lake Erie and Across the Hudson
Hungary (Grosswardein) Ferdinand's Assassination
Hvítárvellir, Iceland Wolves in the Booth
Iceland Eagles in Love with a Swan
Iceland: the Allthing rift Critters in the Rift
Iceland: Berufjord Thorhadd's Fourteen Dreams
Iceland: Gejrthjolfsfjord Gisli the Outlaw
Iceland: Hvítárvellir Wolves in the Booth
Iceland: Laxdale and Broadfirth Gudrun's Four Husbands
Iceland: Laxdale Brushwood Belly
Iceland: Laxdale Don't Tread on Me
Iceland: Thvera The Giantess of Thvera
Idaho Centaur Quartet
Illinois: a conservatory Pianos in the Sky
Independence, Kansas Franklin's Neck
India The Best Hotel
India India on the Security Council
off India Tin Fish
India (Bombay/Mumbai) Bollywood Love
India (Delhi? A state capital? Hyderabad, Lucknow, Patna?) The Caryatid
India (Himalaya foothills; for more see Himalaya) Wolves Evolve
India (Kerala State) Spiritual Tests
India (mythical) Higher Level
Indiana Clocks Stop, Clocks Start
Indonesia Tiamat's Rebellion
Inuit homeland (Nunavut) Lizard Lesson
Inversia (an alternate Earth) Inversia
Io, moon of Jupiter In Io
Io, moon of Jupiter Io
Iowa, 1918 A White-Faced Mare, 29 Years Later
Iran/Persia, 480 BC Invade Greece, Or Else!
Iran/Persia: Baluchistan, 1917 Che Fanno gli Inglesi?
Iran/Persia The King of Persia
Iran/Persia The Wraith of Khan (no, Wraith is not a typo)
Iraq: Euphrates River Crocodile King
Iraq, ancient: Uruk Enkidu
Iraq, ancient Inanna's River of Blood
Ireland, mythic Learning Scales
Ireland: Sligo? 1670? Yew
Ireland: Donoughmore, 1774 Treasure Under Stone
Ireland: County Wicklow, 1918 Towards Break of Day
Irish Sea, 1921 The Rowan
Ishtar, a continent on Venus Venus: Ishtar
Israel/Palestine (alternate) Climb From the Pit
Israel/Palestine: Jerusalem (near future) The Deer Party
Israel/Palestine (ancient) Josephus, Let Go
Israel/Palestine (ancient): Masada An Ill-Formed Tale
Issyk Kul and the Ferghana Basin, Central Asia Learning Scales
Italy (alternate world) Perissa
Italy (same alternate world) Picnic in the Ruins
Italy (ancient) Natalius' Welts
Italy: Florence The Lost Ring
Italy: a garden Pirandello's Bat
Italy: Pompeii Kore
Italy: Sicily Etna-Shasta, or, Groom Your Own Feathers
Jack London Square, Oakland, California The Bluebeard Drag
Jamaica, mythical Ariel
Japan, mythical Foxes
Japan, classical Isle of the Blest
Japan, 1600 Samurai Mare
Japan, 1800 Shamisen
Japan, 1927 Japanese Rail Crash
Japanese Empire, 1938 Whose Dream Was It?
Japan, modern How to Survive Nuclear War
Japan, modern Runner with a Porpoise
Japan, modern Puppy
Japan, modern/mythical Tale of a Misfit cock
Japan, modern alternate world Lola
Japan, the Floating World Tokaido
Japan: Fukushima Nuclear Plant, 2011 Elf Circle
Japan: Kii, 1202 Drink the Dove
Japan: Karumoshima, 1196 Peacock Kings
Jaredia (an alternate Earth) Jaredia
Jerusalem The Deer Party
Jerusalem Later in the Day, We'll Cross Over
The jungle see Forests
Jupiter Comets Struck My Girlfriend
Jupiter (well, its moon Io) In Io
Jupiter (well, Ganymede) Pinball Showdown
Jupiter (well, on a spaceship near it) Squirrel Girl
Jupiter Uncle Jupiter
Jupiter A Jovial Influence
Kaliningrad enclave (sliver of Russian land on Baltic coast) Guide in the Ruins
Kamchatka In the Fog
Kansas The Haunted Code
Kansas Hell-Tornado
Kansas: Independence Franklin's Neck
Kathmandu/Katmandu, Nepal Tandem Dream in Katmandu
Kauai, Hawaii After a Long Illness
Kauai, Hawaii Haena Twilit Cove
Kemeis district, Wales Collar of Gold
Kentucky, ca. 1840 The Horse Voters
Kentucky, ca. 1960 Betty Stops By
Kenya Soulboard
Kerala (southern India) Spiritual Tests
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Kilimanjaro
Korea Radar's Bear
Kuala Lumpur Avoid the Matriarch
Kwakiutl village Tutelary Uncle
Lada, a huge archipelago on Venus Venus: Lada
Lake District, England Trout Beck
Lake Michigan Sky-Thaw
Lake Tahoe, California Baseball Naga
Lake Tahoe, California The Murders
Lake Tahoe, California Tahoe Dragon
Lake Tahoe, California Tahoe Tarot
Land of the Dead Journey IX
Land of the Dead see also Heaven, Hell, the astral plane
Lannach, a continent on Lyr Lyr: Diomedes Group: Lannach
Lappland Spill-Spell
Latvia or Lithuania? Guide in the Ruins
Laurel Hill Plantation near Rodham, Mississippi You Need to Find Her
Laxdale, Iceland Brushwood Belly
Laxdale, Iceland Don't Tread on Me
Laxdale and Broadfirth, Iceland Gudrun's Four Husbands
Lethe, the river of amnesia Bones Don't Lie
Lorelei, crag on the Rhine The Spell Blurs Women
London, England London now has its own page
Los Angeles, c.1960 Dipsomania
Los Angeles, 1980s Pier's End
Los Angeles, 1990 A Hobbit in L.A.
Los Angeles, c.1994 Orange
Los Angeles, 2000s The Bleeding Heart
Los Angeles, 2000s Dolphins
Los Angeles, 2000s Farter and Cone
Los Angeles, 2000s Wall to Wall Water
Los Angeles after World War III An Unexpected Move
Los Angeles, 1980s, Riverside? Sybil Sue Flannery
Los Angeles: Catalina Island, 2010s Swimming in Van Gogh's Ocean
Luna Luna now has its own page
Lyr, a huge sea-world Lyr
Macedonia Mission to Macedonia
The Maeght (modern art museum) The Cat
Maine Walter's Dive
Majipoor, Robert Silverberg's fictional world The Ill-Formed Tale
Makah Reservation, Washington State Ozette Angel
Malaysia Avoid the Matriarch
Malvina Islands Gunships
Manila Dick, How Wonderful
Marin County, California Bless My Phobia
Marin County, California (some centuries from now) Rainbow Tunnel
Marin County, California Precog Tunnel
Mars Mars now has its own page
Martinique (Caribbean island) Picard's Angels
Maryland Boy Scouts
Masada, Israel/Palestine An Ill-Formed Tale
Massachusetts Bedbugs
Massachusetts Don't Cry, it's Only a Dream
Massachusetts: Greater Boston? Commute
Mediterranean Andromeda
Mediterranean Abyss Shiveria
Mediterranean: Crete Enjoy Life!
Mediterranean: Greece Some Assembly Required
Mediterranean (western) Apologetic Ogre
Melanesia: see Pacific Islands
Australia: Melbourne Envying Lynn
Melbourne Mom in the Driver's Seat
Melbourne The Occupation
Mercury Mercury: A Dream Poem
Mesopotamia Enkidu
Mesopotamia Inanna's River of Blood
Mexico Burning House
Mexico On the Seashore
Mexico; a beach A Wife Or A Ghost
Mexico City Frida's Prison Paintings
Mexico City Pyramid Power
Mexico City Tortilla Ears
Mexico: Nayarit Señor de los pájaros
Mexico: Sonora The Desert's Purpose
Mexico: Tenochtitlan Pyramid Power
Mexico: Yucatan The Mayan Door
Mexico: Yucatan Mayan Force
Michigan Septic
Michigan: Detroit They Feed They Lion
Michigan, Lake Sky-Thaw
Michigan: piny woods Clarence, Go This Way
Micronesia: see Pacific Islands
Middle Earth Middle Earth now has its own page
Minnesota Are You Ready?
Minnesota Dead, Alive, Dead
Minnesota: Coon Rapids What Really Happened
Minnesota: Minneapolis area Greg's Gift
Minsk, capital of Belarus A Date in Minsk
Miranda (moon of Uranus) The Miranda Oath
Mississippi: Rodham You Need to Find Her
Missouri Huck Finn's Wish
Missouri: Saint Louis Just Knowing
Mongolia Boys Who Run With the Scissors
Montana, 1857 Buffalo Person
Montana, 1857 Count Coup!
Montana, 1870s Horse Thieves
Montana, early 1850s Otter Medicine
'Montana', a Chilean province Tertiary Infection
Monterey/Pacific Grove, California The Asilomar of Dreams
Montreal, Quebec, Canada Like Notre Dame
The Moon The Moon now has its own page
Mountains of Death Journey IX
Mountains of Death Ring of White Water
Mrr Trench a biological hotspot (well, strip) on Tharn
Navaholand, Four Corners The Green Bird
Navaholand, Four Corners The Swallows of Four Corners
Navaholand, Four Corners Navajo Horses
Navahopi Reservation (shared, & reaching to Calif. border!) Sell-Fish Witches
Navka, an archipelago on Venus Venus: Dione and Navka
Nebraska, 1941 Beetle
Nepal (see also Himalayas and Tibet) Famine
Nepal Flying Carpet
Nepal The Nepalese Drop
Nepal Relief Caravan
Nepal See-Through Bags
Nepal Tandem Dream in Katmandu
Netley Abbey, England Crushed by Netley Abbey
the Netherlands Merloo's Brothers
The Netherlands: Amsterdam A Final Goodbye
Nevada: Black Rock Desert The Bleeding Heart
Nevada: Black Rock Desert? Ocarina, or, the Million-Year Sentence
Nevada: Black Rock Desert Trail of Pogs
Nevada: Black Rock Desert Twilight Anima Rising
Nevada: central basins and ranges A Nevadan Ass
Nevada: central basins and ranges Why Cowgirls love Broccoli
Nevada: Pyramid Lake Trail of Pogs
Nevada: Reno Peaches and Cherries
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, northern England Coal Face
New Jersey, 1950 Duck Hunt
New Jersey: Bayonne, 1945 Bayonne
New Jersey, Paterson Napping in Paterson
New Mexico, northwestern: see Four Corners region, above
New York City New York now has its own page
New York: Elmira Flaming Leaves
New York: Finger Lakes? Upstate, anyway A Stirring Failure
New Zealand A Cartoonist's Diary
New Zealand Tertiary Infection
North Africa Sudden Death
North Carolina Avenue of Trees
North Carolina Butler's Crossing
Northwest Coast see Alaska, Oregon, Washington, or Canada: British Columbia
Norway, c. 850 AD Ragnhildr's Tree and Halfdan's Curls
Norway Munch's Bluff
Nunavut (Inuit homeland, northern Canada) Lizard Lesson
Nunavut (Inuit homeland, northern Canada) Equestrian Nunavut
Oahu, Hawaii The Destruction of Hawai'i
Oakland, California The Bluebeard Drag
Oakland, California McKillip's New Book
Oisin: a Europan moon (ice-covered seas; life) Oisin
Oklahoma, 1919 Guardian Ghost
Oklahoma, 1950 Preemie
Olympic Peninsula, Washington The Girl is Armed
Olympic Peninsula, Washington Ozette Angel
Olympic Peninsula, Washington Spider Crone
Omaha, Nebraska, 1941 Beetle
Oregon Ice-Tray
Oregon: Columbia Gorge Columbia
Oregon coast Half-Shaman, Half Statesman
Oregon Redwoods State Park The Pegasi Tub
Orkney Islands Animal Transfiguration
Orkney Islands The Goddess of Wyre
Oronesia, an archipelago on Lyr Lyr: Oronesia: Li, Eyath, Arinnian, Hrill
Otter's burrow Cassandra's Otter
Oxford, England Burn the Eggs!
Oxford, England The Golden Paw
Oz Art or Propaganda?
Oz The Crows of Oz
Oz Misfits on Mars
Oz There's No Place Like Home
Oz Worm wizard
Pacific Islands Triskelion
Pacific Islands: Fiji First Night on Fiji
Pacific Islands: alternate Fiji and Hawai'i Not Our Hawai'i
Pacific Islands: Hawaii After a Long Illness
Pacific Islands: Hawaii Aroo's Engineers
Pacific Islands: Hawaii Balolokong
Pacific Islands: Hawaii Hickophobia
Pacific Islands: Hawaii: Oahu The Destruction of Hawai'i
Pacific Islands: Hawaii: Kauai: Haena Haena Twilit Cove
Pacific Islands: Hawaii, island of Kauai: Hanalei Learning Scales
Pacific Islands: Rapa Iti Rapa Iti
Pacific Northwest see Alaska, Oregon, Washington, or Canada: British Columbia
Pacifica, California A Craigslist Bargain
Pakistan Higher Level
Pakistan India on the Security Council
Israel/Palestine (ancient) Josephus, Let Go
Palestine/Israel (ancient): Masada An Ill-Formed Tale
Palestine/Israel (modern) Climb from the Pit
Israel/Palestine: Jerusalem (near future) The Deer Party
Palo Alto, California Catrise
Palo Alto, California House of Blue Light
Palo Alto, California Starhawk the Witch
Palo Alto, California Unicorn Tag
Palo Alto, California see also psychodrama
Palo Alto, California see also Silicon Valley
Panama Americans Shoot Anything
Paradise Paradise now has its own page
Paraguay Dalmatian Mare
Paris, late 1700s A Square in the Hand
Paris, early or mid-19th century Pudding & Fortgibu
Paris, 1877 Bird, cat, Treasure
Paris, 1900? (well, just outside town) Marine Geology's Not It
Paris, 1968-72 see the dreams of Georges Perec
Paris, 1980 Menage A Three
Patagonia (surreal) The Black Current
Patagonia (alternate Earth) Tertiary Infection
Pegasia: a huge Earthlike moon Pegasia
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, 1951 Clairagony
Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh I Had the Strangest Dream, and You were There
Pern Menolly: Love Song to a Dragonsinger
Pern The Dragon Banners
Persia, 480 BC Invade Greece, Or Else!
Persia The King of Persia
Persia (see also Iran) The Wraith of Khan
Peru? Or Bolivia? Air Oasis
Philadelphia, 1951 Clairagony
Philippines: Manila Dick, How Wonderful
Phoebe, a continent on Venus Venus: Phoebe
Pinnacles National Monument Climb Down the Pinnacles
Pittsburgh I Had the Strangest Dream, and You were There
Pluto, back when it was a planet (sigh) Pluto Thaws
Polesotechnic Strip, a huge archipelago on Lyr W. Polesotechnica: Kraoka, Larsum, Ikrananka, Ulash
E. Polesotechnica: Wersgorix, Hisagazi Is., Erkila
Poland In Praise of Dreams
Polynesia: see Pacific Islands
Pompeii: Temple of Isis Kore
Prairies, 1857 Buffalo Person
Prairies, 1857 Count Coup!
Prairies, 1870s Horse Thieves
Prairies, early 1850s Otter Medicine
Prairies, 1970s? Or 1870s? Surrender to the White Buffalo
Presseli Mts, Wales Collar of Gold
Propolopolis, a beehive from the bees' perspective City of Bees
Prussia (19th Century Germany) In the Vault
Puerto Rico At Least He's a Doctor
Pyramid Lake, Nevada Trail of Pogs
Quebec, Canada: Montreal Like Notre Dame
Queensland, Australia Sea Eagle
Rainbow Co-operative Grocery, San Francisco The Rainbow Sleeper
Rainbow Co-operative Grocery, San Francisco A Golden Key in a Cheap Light
Rainbow Land Hillary and Teal
The rainforest see Forests
Redwood City, California Bayshore and Charter
Redwood City, California Centaur Audition
Redwood Empire (northern California coast) Do You Love Me, John?
Reno, Nevada Peaches and Cherries
Rhine Valley, Germany The Spell Blurs Women
Rift Lakes, East Africa Soulboard
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil On Molly's Forehead
the Riviera, 1932 Three Sevens
the Riviera (Maeght modern art museum grounds) The Cat
Rodham, Mississippi You Need to Find Her
Roland Cluster:
Lyr: Roland, Barbro, Polaris, Carheddin
Lyr: Roland Cluster: Sherrin and the Rodonis Chain
Rome, Italy, alternate present Perissa
Roman Empire (early) Calpurnia's Dream
Roman Empire (late) Dreamwork in a Decadent Age
Roman Empire, slightly mythical version Apologetic Ogre
Roman Empire (late) Fall of a Prince
Roman Empire (late) Gennadius
Roman Empire (150 AD?) Natalius' Welts
Roman Empire (Carthage) Perpetua's Last Dream
Roraima (plateau, cliffs, falls, northern Amazonia) Flying in the fall
Roraima waterfalls Roraima Jump
Russia (see also Siberia)
Russia: early 1930s Bread Chess
Russia: the Cold War Boris Badenov
Russia: 1980s Guard on the Beach
Russia: post-Soviet period, Estonian border? Guide in the Ruins
Russia: a forest village The Forest Bride
Russia: Kharkov Bread Chess
Russia: Lappland Spill-Spell
Russia: Moscow Theater Hostage
Saint Berner's Well, Wales Collar of Gold
Saint Helena (island in South Atlantic) Saint Helena
Saint Louis, Missouri Just Knowing
Salton Sea, California Poking Through the Net
San Diego, California Chesterfield Mover
San Diego, California San Diego Centaurs
San Francisco San Francisco now has its own page
San Jose, California see Silicon Valley
Santa Barbara, California Martha's Fall
Santa Catalina Island Swimming in Van Gogh's Ocean
Santa Cruz, California Santa Cruz now has its own page
Santa Fe, New Mexico Ain't Easy
Sarajevo (Austro-Hungarian Empire; now Bosnia) Ferdinand's Assassination
Sarajevo (Yugoslavia during breakup) Doppelganger
Saturn (well, its upper atmosphere) Sessile Utopia
Saturn (well, its moon Titan) Saturn's Wedding Band
Saturn (well, its moon Titan) (well, sort of) (well, not really) Xanadu
a Saturnlike ringed Earth Ringshadows
Saudi Arabia My Muslim Mother-in-Law
Scotland (rural) I am a Bird
Scotland: Barlinnie Theater Hostage
Scotland: Fife The Axe of Death
Scotland: Glasgow (1903) Sister to Life
Scotland: Glasgow (2006) Strange Service
Scotland: Orkney Islands Animal Transfiguration
Scotland: Orkney Islands The Goddess of Wyre
Scythia (today's southern Ukraine) Saint Bridget
Seapole (a warm, flooded alternate Earth) Seapole
Seattle I Thought He Liked Me
Seattle Molly's Prosthetic
Seattle Orbiting the Crystal Palace
Seattle Panic Attack in my Sleep
Seattle: Lake Washington Stop Obama's Assassination
Seattle World's Fair, 1962 Space Needle
Serbia Ferdinand's Assassination
Serrana, an anarchist planet Serrana
Sevilla, Spain A Final Goodbye
Shasta region Loon Ladder
Shasta region Peter Pan Syndrome
Shasta, Mount Centaur Near Mt. Shasta
Shasta, Mount Etna-Shasta, or, Groom Your Own Feathers
Shasta, Mount Razi and the Holy Wino of Shasta
Shasta, Mount Shasta Occupation
Shasta, Mount Shasta Standards
Shiveria (alternate Earth: stable Ice Age) Shiveria
Siberia: Tungus region Dateline Wednesday
Siberia: Kamchatka In the Fog
Siberia: Maritime (far east) In the Shadow of Man
Sicily Etna-Shasta, or, Groom Your Own Feathers
Sierra Nevada, California Baseball Naga
Sierra Nevada, California Green Ray, Blue Wing
Sierra Nevada, California Grotto of Breasts
Sierra Nevada, California The Murders
Sierra Nevada, California Tahoe Dragon
Sierra Nevada, California Tahoe Tarot
Sierra Nevada, California Yosemite now has its own page
Silicon Valley, California Silicon Valley now has its own page
Singapore Avoid the Matriarch
Singapore Faerie
Siphonia (alternate Earth: oceans shrunk) Siphonia
Siphonia: Anzac Deep, and Atlantic Rift fracture-fjords Siphonian Quartet
South America: Amazon Amazon A(u)nts
South America: the Andes Air Oasis
South America: Surinam Flying in the Fall
South America: rural Brazil History Changes
South America: Patagonia The Black Current
South Georgia (large island off the Falklands) Gunships
Spain The Duke Who Never Existed
Spain Cream-Coloured Horses
Spain: Castilla Anoche / Last Night
Spain: Sevilla A Final Goodbye
Spokane, Washington STREAMLINING
Stanford University A Beam of Flight
Stanford University The Deer Party
Stanford University The Dye-House Records
Stanford University Guardian Angel Course
Stanford University Magic School
Stanford University Philosopher
Stanford University They Don't Believe Me
Stanford University Two Bishop Applicants
Stanford University You Chiphead!
Stanford University Yuppie Breakup
Stanford University see also Palo Alto and Silicon Valley
Star Wars universe Yes, You can Die in a Dream
Strassburg, 1914 Superimposed
Stratos The Dragon's Teeth
Stratos Half-Twin
Stratos Shields from the Goddess
Styx, the river bordering the land of the dead Bones Don't Lie
Styx, the river bordering the land of the dead I Got Out
Styx, the river bordering the land of the dead Stygian Sentinels
Surinam Flying in the fall
Suva, Fiji Islands First Night on Fiji
Swaffham, England, 1460s The Swaffham Tinker
Tahoe, California Baseball Naga
Tahoe, California The Murders
Tahoe, California Tahoe Dragon
Tahoe, California Tahoe Tarot
Tallinn, Estonia Mendelian Chimeras
Tanzania: Mt Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro
Texas Instant Son
Texas Jim's Powder
Texas: Dallas Dallas Gmork
Texas: Houston Six-Month, Seventeen-Year Cabinet
Texas: Houston Toadfish Towers
Texas: Pedernales LBJ's River Nightmare
Texas: Pedernales LBJ's Stampede
Texas: Pedernales LBJ's Cage
Texas: San Antonio Kelly Field
Texas: Waco The Voice of God
Thailand The Norasingh
Tharn (a huge dry Marslike moon with life) Tharn
Thvera, Iceland The Giantess of Thvera
Tibet and the Himalaya Brick and Skin
Tibet Cellphone Heaven
Tibet Falada
Tibet Forks and Saucers
Tibet The Mix-Up
Tibet Relief Caravan
Tibet Water Books
Tibet (in an alternate world) Tibet Disassembly
Tibet (see also Himalaya and Nepal) Ink Mountain
Tiger's Eye Cave, Guatemala Tiger's Eye Cave
Timor, East Faerie
Titan, Saturn's giant moon (dream version) Saturn's Wedding Band
Titan, Saturn's giant moon (an alternate version) Xanadu
a Tlingit village, British Columbia Potlatch Smoke
Tombstone, Arizona Six-Month, Seventeen-Year Cabinet
Tornado Alley (SE to central USA) The Supercells
Transform Ranch, in Arizona or southern Utah The White Mare of Transform Ranch
Trench ecologies Tharn
Trois Freres Cave, France Deer-Man Dancing
Troisleons, a continent on Lyr Lyr: Troisleons
Truro Cathedral, Cornwall, England Extract from a Poem in Progress
Tunisia The Arrest
Turkey Dream of the Dance
Turkey A Fountain in the Armenians
Turkey: Gallipoli, 1915 Unexploded Sphere
Turnovia (alternate Earth: upside down) Turnovia
Ulfrun, a subcontinent of Aphrodite on Venus Venus: Eastern Aphrodite
United Nations Security Council India on the Security Council
Uranus (well, its moon Miranda) The Miranda Oath
Utah Foxy Ancestor
Utah, pre-1961 Stay on the Sidewalk
Utah, eastern Capitol Reef
Utah, southern see Four Corners region above
Utah, southern, or Arizona, northern: Transform Ranch The White Mare of Transform Ranch
Utopia: see Eden, Paradise & Utopias
Valhalla, the Norse heaven for heroes Lucid Flight to Valhalla
Vancouver, BC, Canada From Gliding to Flight
Venezuela At Least He's a Doctor
Ventana Wilderness, California Thirty Days
Venus, 1000 years from now, terraformed Venus Unveiled
Vietnam Our Best Song
Vrillassa, a dream island Vrillassa's Only Priest
Waco, Texas The Voice of God
Wales Collar of Gold
Wales (Dunraven) Chocolate Spill
Wales The Heideggarian Barbarian
Wales The Tiger and the Wolf
Washington (DC) LBJ Shackled
Washington (DC) LBJ or Woodrow?
Washington state Chandelier
Washington: Lake Washington, by Seattle Stop Obama's Assassination
Washington: between Olympia and Seattle Polygapo
Washington: Olympic Peninsula The Girl is Armed
Washington: Olympic Peninsula: Makah Reservation Ozette Angel
Washington: Spokane Streamlining
Whittier, California Martha's Fall
Wisconsin Sky-Thaw
Wyoming I Fight for Beauty
Wyre, one of the Orkney Islands Animal Transfiguration
Wyre, one of the Orkney Islands The Goddess of Wyre
Xanadu (mythical Mongolian capital) Kubla Khan
Xanadu (mythical China under the Mongols) Learning Scales
Xanadu (a methane world with life, modeled on Titan) Xanadu
Yavin IV, a Star Wars battleground Yes, You can Die in a Dream
Yosemite Yosemite now has its own page
Ythri Continental Cluster, on Lyr Ythri: Hesperia and the Northern Isles
Ythri: Mainland Corona
Ythri: Lokon and the Fiery Isles
Yucatan The Mayan Door
Yucatan Mayan Force
Yugoslavia (Sarajevo) Ferdinand's Assassination
Yugoslavia (Sarajevo) Doppelganger
Zebra Highway Pyramid Power
Zimbabwe Idi Amin

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