Pay no attention to the small mammal behind the... oh. Too late. In that case...
Hi, I'm Chris Wayan, architect of the World Dream Bank. This is a small personal page with odds and ends not covered in the official pages of the Dreambank. Like:

  1. a site map
  2. frequently asked questions
  3. a mini-biography with (what else?) dreamlinks
  4. contact information


The World Dream Bank is radial in design: a dozen doors access a pool of several thousand dreams from various angles, sorting for features of interest. The map below is clickable. To view all the dreams with no sorting, use the TITLE list.

A rough site map for the World Dream Bank: a ring of doors surround a sea of dreams.
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Come on, are these real dreams?
Yes. But I only posted the dreams I thought others might like--about one dream out of 20. But I've been writing my dreams since 1970 and had over 30,000 to choose from! They're edited and annotated for clarity--my raw dream-journals are hard to read, since I use lots of shorthand and abbreviations to get it all down fast. Some names have been changed for privacy, and dialog is often paraphrased since I often forget the exact wording of dream speech. But it's as close as I can get--I'm a reporter, not a novelist, and I do try to be honest with you! These are real dreams.

How can I have dreams like this? How can I remember dreams like this?
Here's what my dreamwork's taught me.

Can I add dreams, or dream art?
Yes! Here's how.

Is the art for sale?
Not really. The site is noncommercial in intent. There IS a catalog of printed stuff for sale but it's way out of date; rather than try to keep comics and small-press books in print, I'm adding print-quality images so you can download all the dream art free.

What the hell is this site for?
I built it to mean several things at once--just like its subject matter. Trying to reduce a dream, or a mega-site, to a single simple point... misses the point. Dreaming's inherently complex, and so's a dreamsite. It's a...

Will you build my website? Can I afford you?
Not right now. My plate is full just with the Dreambank, Planetocopia and a few friends' sites.

How did you build the site, what software did you use, what is the site's architecture, etc... all of which really boils down to
Are there lessons here about building my own site?
Yes, there ARE lessons. Here's what I did and why. There are no other secrets. Simple tools plus readable naming equals happy site. Of any size. End of rant, and I do apologize. But I see so many people paying in both money AND LEARNING TIME for massive, ludicrous overkill.

Wayan is the common field name for a shy, herbivorous mammal endemic to the warmer hill slopes of the San Francisco Peninsula. This graceful but timid creature is little seen, though it nests even in urban areas. Whether the species is native or a feral offshoot of the common western shaman is still uncertain.

Treated gently it makes a loyal, intelligent pet, but should be left to forage for itself, as it is ill-adapted to digest human foods. Its diet in the wild primarily consists of fresh-picked flowers, leaves, and seeds. The species is believed to spend two-thirds of its life sleeping, dreaming, drawing, and writing.

Someday I'll tell you of my nine lives and the issues that dominated each. For now, go to...

My life as a canary:
Environmental illness.
My life as a cheetah:
My life as a dolphin:
Genius and child prodigies.
My life as a robot:
My life as a wolf:
My life as a moss-Green slacker sloth, among you diligent Demoblican donkeys and Repucrat elephants:
Red diaper babies.
My life as a straight queer fairy:
butch and femme.
My life as a spirit:
Dreamer and shaman
My life as a unicorn:
growing up with ESP.
Hmmm. What else? An Interview with Wayan goes into my dreamwork. Creating/worldbuilding? The Planetocopia Interview!


I'm best reached at Response time: slow. But at least I read it.
Facebook? LinkedIn? I'm findable on them, but I NEVER check. Email me instead.
Last resort: snailmail!

Chris Wayan
242A Prentiss St.
San Francisco, CA
USA 94110

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