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an off-topic, thoroughly undream poem by Chris Wayan, April 1 1983

dedicated to allergics everywhere

When days and bees grow fat again,
the world lusts, erectile.
Sex swims the air, valentines
of mad lace balls invisibly
Pelting bug windows, ovary doors.
"C'mere, big boy" the flowers croon,
Nude dancers on my lawn. Ah,
you love-poisoned world beyond the glass,
Bell-jar, bell-jar... how belle you are.

Pollen grains
Bash out my brains.
Immune system clenches, fingernails cut
Into the flesh of the fist of my gut.
Allergy is the vampire true:
My love, your love grows fangs.
Desire--trust--hot slippery joy--
and then the venomous bite.

Wherever I go,
Mistrust the glow.

Every spring I burn and moan
and nearly die--of others' love.
So I choke my toxic own--
Who might I poison--God?

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