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Ancient Mare-Kin Graveyard

dreamed 2008/9/1 by Wayan.

Ancient Mare-Kin Graveyard, a dream-song; vocals, bass sax and marimba by Chris Wayan, 2013, 2:47, (2.7 MB)
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An archeology site; grotesque
haunted for twelve centuries

by a green-eyed chilly breeze.
Bodiless, I've lingered long

till our people's name is wrong
and our ruins stand askew.

But today, a TV crew said
"These are leaning gravestones by

the ancient Mare-Kin." A guy
way too slick to be a true

bone man--even in the fu-
ture, if ancient filth and dust

ain't ground in your skin, you're just
a pundit pandering the mystery

of extinction's history.
And as a Mare-Kin ghost, I see

he a dim projector be.
Lurid cartoon statuary

is not always funerary.
Web degrees & snap-on brains

tell him all round holes are drains.
Though in fairness, after all,

not one pocked and tiny ball
or fossil niblick has been dug.

But even if they are, this smug
futureboy has never played

peewee golf. Just plies his trade
plugged in passive at the desk.

He's an archeology sight grotesque


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