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Started 1989/10/24, finished Jan. 1990; an all-digital non-dream gender-rant painting by Chris Wayan.

Monroe and John F. Kennedy were the gender archetypes of my early childhood. Retro, you say? Irrelevant now? Oh, yeah? Let's talk about all those women's magazines, where girls paint nails... and boys chew them. If males exist at all. Being a sex object is anxious, but nervous bodycare lengthens your life. Men on the other hand are no-body. And to no-body we return! The fe/male lifespan gap is as big as the race gap. I want my eight years! "Privileged" men twist up and die like selenium-poisoned birds.

Genetic? Yeah, right! Men are taught our lives are cheap. Taught from cradle to early grave.

On the other hand, Marilyn didn't live longer than JFK, huh?

Well, whatever body you visit Earth in, remember not to invade that Canal Zone "down there." We wouldn't want you to have fun, or learn something...

Marilyn Monroe saying: 'Ask not what your cunt can do for you, ask what you can do for your cunt.' In fine print: Self-examine every year. If your breasts are missing, you lose 6-8 years. Sorry, you have wrong genes! If big breasts in movies and calendars, you win fame and alcohol!!! So hide your beasts, and never look 'down there!'

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