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Dreamed 1974/5/19 by Chris Wayan

Tall black man in Lincoln's hat, building a Utopian city of wood, alone, by hand.

I'm in a house standing in the right spot to be my family's house, on a hill overlooking the Bay. It resembles my family's house, but it's larger--not just with more rooms, but more solidly constructed in an old Spanish style, unobtrusively so, withough the cliché tile roof or ornamentation, but well insulated for California's summer heat.

The house I remember was open, light, pretty--but like all Eichlers, noisy, flimsy, uninsulated. This one feels solid.

I see a tall, tall black man on the roof, with an old-fashioned stovepipe hat and a hammer, walking not at all like a sensible man on a roof, but with huge strides, quick and decisive.

With hard effort I find a way up onto the roof, and discover the man is building another wing onto the house, by himself, at unbelievable speed. He's magnetic and I find myself following him, helping all I can, which isn't much. Though it IS far more work than I've ever done on my own.

As we work, we talk--he is immensely calm, for all his energy, and has an intensely philosophical nature. I learn a lot from him: most importantly, who he is. THE BUILDER.

1975 NOTE

I had a vivid sense of the tremendous importance of what I was seeing and hearing all thru the dream. I thought "Wow! Here I am talking to an archetype!" and then realing what I was thinking, almost laughed--and looking up met His eyes again, and in full knowledge that he was ony a symbol from my unconscious, fell right back into the power and the wonder of him...

1995 NOTE

Top hat, thinness, blackness suggest a fusion of Lincoln and the slaves he freed. Surprised to read the above note and see how different my picture of dreaming was, here at the beginning of dreamwork--I took it for granted he was just a symbol my mind generated--not a real being outside wonderful narcissistic me...

A few decades of clairvoyant, predictive and shared dreams do change your viewpoint!

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