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Catfish Rescue

Dreamed before 2000 by Nick Munford, drawn by Jesse Reklaw.

As I drown in a lake, a catfish drags me to an underwater phone booth; dream by Nick Munford, drawn by Jesse Reklaw

SOURCE: Jesse Reklaw's Dreamtoons, 2000,; selections from his online comic Slow Wave, in which Reklaw draws others' dreams.


You could hunt for symbols here. Why a catfish? But if you're unsophisticated like me, you might see this with shaman's eyes instead. Somewhere, someone dreamed of being a catfish who met a human child underwater, and did a kind deed. I don't even insist that other dreamer was human. Catfish are plenty smart enough to dream. And feel kindness. Plenty of species do. It's just that most don't have money to loan you.

--Chris Wayan

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