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Critters in the Rift
Dreamed 2013/7/18 by Wayan

I dream.

I'm barefoot on wild moss. Ferns. A misty path
Of flat amoeba stones slithers down this gash,
three yards deep and wide: rough stone, grass,
cement patches where rock fell. Earth yawned
this rift splitting plates, and in the raw jaw
flat logic fails. An oraclasm! Virgin crust
is tabula rasa, so new events upwell
here in the grassroots. If you can smell.
Downstream, puddles bubble sulfur puffs

of steam.

I'm up to my knees in fey beasts: squirrel, mink,
badger, pika, fox and hare, porcupine and skunk.
No pyramid of predators and prey. Comrades,
more, colleagues--we ferret the arcane as

a team.

A human creature looms from mist. To her I seem
the oracle. She asks me where to find her lost
Loved one. Addresses me alone; can't deem
chittering critters people! Yet they understand
and do the real work: scent the spoor. I'm just
a figurehead. Receptionist! Your biped man

to blame.

They snuffle ferns, path, grass, our toes, the cliff,
not for a scent mundane--our quarry never came
to our near-quarry--gulch--but all the same
they're primed to seek unique oracular whiff.
As I wake, I wonder who our supplicant sought to


And if.

little critters sniff a trail in a stony trench; dream sketch by Wayan


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