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Croc Boy

dreamed 2008/8/17 by Wayan

Sketch of a dream, CROC BOY, by Wayan. Dawn. A bearded guy sleeps in a bag on a concrete ledge. Houses and cars around. Fat scaly tail emerges from the bag
My sister and I go visit the Crone.
Her thatched home, low and long,
broods on an oval traffic-isle.
That gray Roraima rears a full
yard above pave. On the concrete
lip the Crone's initiates sleep.

For Crone is a witch-smeller--
No shaman herself, but rather
a Damoclean judge of whether
young dreamers will go to the bad.

Her own grandson, in his teens,
dreams in a bag on the edge tonight.
If he nightmares, if she deems
him malsouled, she'll slit his veins.

Smoggy salmon dawn-glow.
I tiptoe to the lip to whisper:
"What did you dream, kid?" "I dunno.
I think I was scaly, long and low.

Not a snake, because my tail
was taller than wide and slid
me through water. Was I an eel?
Yet I had armored skin..."

Witch-Smeller looms with a foot-long knife
Overheard snake and that's enough.
A lost moan, long and low.
She says "Leave. This I do alone:
the hardest thing a mother's called to do--
kill a serpent-son."

My sister Miriel stands breast to knife!
"No, you won't. You're wrong. You
seek Satan-snakes in every dream,
but I've sat in shamanic cafes,

And other Crones all over town
treat reptile-dreams a dozen ways!
You leave him alone." And she won't budge
from the knifepoint of the murderous judge.

Witch-Smeller rants, long and low;
pokes but doesn't plunge her knife.
In the end, she lets us go.
We spirit him off: no fight.

A few years later I visit. He's fine.
A croc is his dreamguide animal,
but he has a mammalian mind--
a kind young healer, that's all.

Sketch of a dream, CROC BOY, by Wayan: frowning old lady holds a knife to the breast of a tall defiant blonde who spreads her arms and dares her to stab.


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