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Dreamed 1984/10/8 by Chris Wayan

A stretch of rolling hills, half wooded, half fields. Developers want it, but it's a key habitat for a herd of rare deer. Mutant deer. Deer as intelligent as people. Few believe it, since without hands they can't do a thing. But the land's owner, a misanthropic recluse, knows the deer quite well--he's been teaching them English. He considers them better than humans. He refuses to sell, against heavy pressure, and declares the land a deer refuge.

The deer want to give him something in thanks, but what can they give without hands?

One spring day he walks out and joins them in the meadow. As usual, he lies back looking up at the sky, and talks to them while they graze. They practice their English quietly. It's the first warm day of spring, the sun's warm, and even when he strips, he sweats a bit. Two fawns lick the salt off his hands. One of them gets inspired and says "This is what we can do for him!"

The deer all gather in a ring and lick his salty skin. A dozen big tongues like warm wash-cloths tickle him all over. He squirms and gasps and gets hard, he can't help it; a doe snuffles at his cock and licks him, slow and steady; then her sister, hooves straddling his legs, licks up in a long stroke while her sister recovers, and recovers while her sister licks... so he feels a continuous, impossible current shuddering up through his body. Velvety noses tickle him all over. They smell his excitement and know they're doing a thing--their first action. When they lick the soles of his feet too, he can't help it, and comes. He spurts all over their long faces and they lick it off him and each other, while the fawns giggle at the pheromones.

And then the herd speaker says: "We have done our first deed, and it was good. Come lie in our field every day, the field you protected for us. We make this pact with you. Give us your tongue, and we will give you ours."

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