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Dragon Me

Dreamed by Preston Young; dream-date uncertain but before 2005/2/14


I dreamed I was a lean, blue-eyed, winged dragon, gunmetal color, with a forked tail...

I dreamed I was a lean, blue-eyed, winged dragon, gunmetal color, with a forked tail. Portrait of me in profile, by my girlfriend Katie Hofgard.


  1. I'm hoping to get more details on this dream, but am posting this page-in-progress because even the bare image is so striking.
  2. Collaborative dream-art like this seems rare. Artists get asked to render lots of images--but not often dreams. Why? It IS hard--there's no way to use a live model or photo ref (ooh, I wish! Snapshots of my dreams! Coming from Sony soon)--the artist has the dreamer's words or amateur sketches to go by. But maybe it's part of the mythos of dreams in this culture, that they're so personal no outsider could capture them!

    But is this true? When I'm asked to illustrate a dream, the dreamer generally feels it catches the image--better, at least, than they could manage alone (examples: Lucid Flight and Exuberant Balloons. A famous example: The Dream, painted by Henri Rousseau but probably dreamt by his friend Yadwigha.

    So go ahead, artists! Collaboration works.

--Chris Wayan

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