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Drink the Dove

Dreamed c. 1202/9/11 by Myoe Shonin

That night I had a dream. There was a house which I thought was my residence at a place that I knew as Kaburazaka in Kii. It had been built without much consideration. The site of the house was an absurdly high spot. Below it was a large bathhouse. Then I borrowed three fascicles of part of a work (I think it was on the rituals of the sutra) from the same place. I wanted to put them in one place. I went to the bathhouse, stopped, rested, looked up at the house, and thought of staying there. I thought to myself, "The structure before me has already collapsed, but the house is as it was before. Without being concerned about those difficulties, I should stay there."

As I was considering this, there was a sparrow. A dove flew by and the sparrow fell into some ashes. The dove landed in a tree. I picked up the sparrow, turned to the dove, and said, "Please come down into my hands." And it flew down into my hands. The sparrow died.

Butcho-bo, who was in the area of the house, said, "This dove will change into froth." Upon hearing this, I thought, "Will this bird change into something like a hazy mist, that is, froth?" (I think this is the word.)

In one eye of the dove, there was something like a white spot. Then just as I thought that it might die, I opened my hand to look at it and it flew away to a nearby place. Again I called it and it came into my hands.

This time it became a blue bird. It was as if it were made with woven threads. Gradually it changed into a blue cloud and rose into the sky. I reached up with my hands, grabbed the cloud, and slowly drank it. Slowly did it rise into the sky, and bit by bit I grabbed it and drank. Later it became a white cloud and went up. I took it and drank. I think I finished drinking all of it.

I thought of these things while I was drinking. It will benefit all.

--Chris Wayan

SOURCE AND TRANSLATION: George Tanabe, Myoe the Dreamkeeper

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