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Two Dreams On Dreams, One Night

Dreamed 1998/8/1 by Chris Wayan


I dream of a terrible future. When I wake and tell a friend my dream, she says "Most dreams seem darker than waking life." I consider that. But it's generally not true for me.

I list all the social problems in our world, then compare with the ones in my dream. Only then do I see that the dream, despite several areas worse than our society, had others that were distinctly better--the dream just focused on the problem spots. Why not? Dreams want to solve problems.

And of course we tend to take familiar problems for granted--we're habituated, blind. I'm not so sure that even other people's dreams really are grimmer, on average, than their waking lives.

Trouble is always more noticeable next door.


Then I was walking along an alley with wood fences. Looks like San Diego. I'm thinking about dream recall. "No wonder I don't remember them very well these days. I used to rehearse every scrap on waking and number them mentally so I couldn't forget how many scraps there were, then work backward to an image from each, then fish for details, and link up the scenes... Now I only write what I easily recall."

I need to get methodical for a while now. An idea comes to me. "Use the computer. Try typing the key words of a dream first, then DUPLICATE that list and add carriage returns and brackets to the copy. Turn it into a list of THEMES to associate to, after you write out the dream. Many odd dream elements reveal strong messages if I just stop and ask myself what they mean. But now I take them for granted. If there's a checklist facing me after every dream, demanding I explain a list of key images..."

I wake to find... these ideas on dreaming were dreams themselves. Dreams trying to be remembered... and understood.

Dreams want to be understood!


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