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Dreamed 1981/5/25 by Chris Wayan

I'm in an empty theater in southern Europe. By me sits the Duke of Venice. He says "Europe used to be so cooperative, when it was run by sensible folk. I knew everyone then..."

"Everyone, eh?" Yeah, the rest of us non-aristocrats were no one...

"These decadent days," he complains, "only a few regions still know how to treat a Duke." He lists them--all dominated by right-wing cliques, I notice--Northern Ireland, part of rural Holland? "Not even a whole country" he complains. Well, he controls a few kingdoms. Luxembourg? Lichtenstein? But they're microscopic. "All the rest pursue their own interests, run by commoners--businessmen!"

I don't tell him what I'm thinking: "I HATE corporate capitalists... but better them than YOU."

2001 NOTE

I was raised by leftists. So I've had to struggle to accept money in my life--for the poor are honest and noble, the rich are all crooks!

Well, they largely are... but I tend to forget the even more arrogant assholes who came before.

And the murderers who came before THEM...

Me plus money doesn't equal corporate slimeball. Me plus dinner doesn't equal the Duke of Venice.

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