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Earth's Being Murdered

Dreamed 1996/7/13 by Chris Wayan

A set of photos. Each has two contrasting things, superimposed. A flower and a mine, an animal and a pipe spewing pollution, a seed and a logging crew... Slowly see other patterns: many images link a land and a sea thing too. And I see more whale images than random. One horrible scene of a whale butchered on a beach: gore and heaps of flesh... the last photo shows a living whale in the foreground, but behind is a beach, cliffs carved into roads--a huge stone quarry, immense trucks hauling the earth away...

This picture alone has a caption: "The Earth's not dying. It's being murdered, and the murderers have names and addresses."

I wake up in rage.


And yet, I haven't done much beyond vote Green, ride a bike, and sharply limit my own consumption. Though for an American these days, even that much puts me in the nut-case fringe--someone to be ignored. Ask any pollster. Or Democrat.

That quote is an Earth First saying, isn't it? Is the dream urging me to join? With environmental illness, I'm physically too vulnerable to risk direct action or jail, though. Talk about a self-perpetuating loop. Their industrial poisons made me so sick I can't fight their poisoning us more...

But even if I can't fight in the streets, I feel increasing support for people the news calls rioters and eco-terrorists. Which they usually aren't. Are YOU terrified?

Though eco-terrorists are out there all right.

But they're called presidents. And CEOs.

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