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Enjoy Life!

Dreamed 1983/8/24, by Chris Wayan; digital picture 1990/1/31.

This image is senseless, but I have an excuse: I was watching TV in my dreams. But it was a channel from another world. It was a world with a blue sun, where people evolved from herons, not apes.

Their TV ads pushed such inexplicable objects as the happiness-key. Yum, live snakes!

Now, human ads look stranger than ever to me: ape tastes, laid bare by the dream.

A poster of a bird-headed woman happily lifting snakes before a rising red moon. An ad-banner says 'ENJOY LIFE! BUY MORE SNAKES!'
The painting's resemblance to old Minoan goddess-statues (arms raised, moon, snakes) was quite unconscious (though, I suspect, not accidental).

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