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Final Exam, Written in Blood

Dreamed 2019/6/16 by Wayan

I'm taking my final exam in an anthropology class. The teacher, Kuroga, has been been consistently unfair to me. But she's not unusual. I'm the only one of my minority group in class, and all my classmates openly shun me. So hostile I'd have quit long ago, but this class is required for my degree.

I must draw four tiny designs like mandalas or shields, as answers. Easy. In fact, already done, quite well, by some alter ego. Next I must write essays--a page each. But no paper provided! I hunt for some. Takes forever. Then my pen dies. I seek my backup. Missing--or swiped while I looked for paper!

Ask my classmate for a pen. "No."

So I drily and rather loudly say "Here's FIVE BUCKS for the first person to give me a working PEN."

"No." Not just from the one next to me. From EVERYONE in class, including the teacher.

Okay. Clear enough. They'll collude to be sure I don't finish the exam, don't graduate.

I pull out a knife and slash my thumb. Blood wells. Write my answers--big, short, concise answers--in my own blood. The last question has to do with shame-cultures and the power of shunning! Supposed to write a full page. I do--three huge blotchy, bloody letters that do answer the question AND fill that page: "Q.E.D." The ink I was forced to write my answer with demonstrates exactly the power of shunning. And its limits. Despite their sabotage I turn in a complete test, and walk out.

And wake.

Classmates glare as I write my final exam--in blood. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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