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1996/7/26, pencil & acrylic wash on 14x17" watercolor paper; first sketch of dream figures in Fishergirl, by Chris Wayan

I had an epic dream one night that lasted many days in dream time. I was an adolescent going on a rite-of-passage journey, sailing a boat with two friends into unknown waters where (it was said) There Be Dragons. We weren't human ourselves, but rather feline with touches of coyote and lemur. The sea-charts we had showed a great archipelago clearly not on Earth, for it was near-polar yet subtropical. A hot ocean-world?

I woke on deck deep in the night, my friends curled around me, and realized I didn't WANT to pass the test, become an adult female, and marry and have kids. I loved my girl friends. I was trying to grasp I was lesbian in a society lacking the word, lacking the very concept.

Me as a cat-girl on the deck of our boat in the drowned city we found. Click to enlarge.
I was indeed sailing into unknown waters.

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