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Dreamed 1984/5/28 by Chris Wayan

I started out as twins. Not identical--one of us has a mole, OK?

But we didn't stay twins. When we reached our early teens, our bodies started to fuse. For a couple of years I was one kid with two heads. Then even my heads mostly fused, one face angled left, one right. Now I'm one kid, with one wide head... but still with four eyes set in a broad arc. I can nearly see behind me.

But one rainy day, walking around with human rain-gear on, the hood droops over my eyes, blinding me. I brush at it, but it flops even more. In a sudden panic, I tear at it, and at last I free my outer two eyes...

With them, I see more than any of you one-heads, but the cowl still blocks my center eyes, and those are the ones that unify my separate visual fields. Without them I see disconnected images, with no stereoscopy--like deer or pigeons, I can't see depth! Without depth, I can't tell size. All seems equally near/far, midgets and giants.

Disorienting, terrifying! A monster-world. No wonder birds and deer spook so easily.

Trapped in a world of two eyes, like you twinless people. I always wondered. But this can't be what you see, with your stereo vision. Like you, I see through two eyes... but the WRONG two.

Paralyzed by... too-broad vision.

I have four eyes, yet when my raincoat hood blocks two, I'm profoundly disoriented.

This dream embodies how it feels being an immature shaman under stress--a visionary without a unified personality, yet. I see so much, but in adverse conditions I can't coordinate the images yet--literally can't get things in perspective! So I just take it all in, overloading my brain built for narrower vision...

And my human eyes are blocked. I see the hidden wonders behind the backs of our heads... but I'm blind to what's under my nose.

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