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A Dream Left Hanging

Dreamed 1999/9/15 by Chris Wayan

Some women I know squat in a parking lot at night with a flashlight, alone, and just sit there, till this peculiar rite gives them the power of invisibility. It's not optical but attentional: no one notices them, except peripherally now and then. I acquire it too. We need that power for a purpose: we're raiding a government institution. I worry someone will either notice one of us squatting and think it's a homeless person shitting, or NOT notice us while parking and run over us... but neither fear comes true.

Test my invisibility around the parking lot first... then on an urban street in broad daylight. I watch from a car while my old friend Lindsay from psychodrama walks around, dark-haired, cat-eyed, quite striking... yet no one notices her! It works.

I get out and find I'm unnoticeable too... till a 20ish punk girl in a very sexy slashed outfit, with bare belly and thighs and tiny bikini panties, sits down right in front of me on the sidewalk, half-bare cunt facing me, looks me in the eye and says "You want to buy a shamanic staff?"

She has a sample--a crooked wooden one crowned with what looks like a coyote skull. It does feel full of power. "My boyfriend makes them," she says. Damn, a boyfriend..."That's him, sitting on the corner." Hmm... a tallish skinny blond kid, with a clear mild but strong aura. And a seeing eye! He looks right back--sees us as easily as his girlfriend does!


We test our invisibility spell in a parking lot, but a sexy shamaness can see us. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
But I worry too much! So what if our invisibility isn't total? How many people have this kind of shamanic power, and do they often work as rent-a-cops guarding what we're after?

Long preparations for the raid. A macho guy on our team who's into muscle-cars proposes as part of our plan that I unlock a Japanese car that's not mine (I owned the same model once and he claims my old key'll work). Annoyed, I snap "You have cars on the brain! I sold that car and gave away the keys long ago." I do have some old VW keys, but they're useless for this.

We're out to free a Country Boy who's coming up for trial. They want him to confess and cut a deal, but he insists it's a matter of principle and he'll take it all the way to the Supreme Court. We meet a man and woman, the two young lawyers supposed to be his defense team? Or just prospects for the job. He's unimpressed--scornful in fact. "You don't believe I'm innocent, and you won't do WHATEVER IT TAKES to free me!" True. But he seems to mean ANYTHING--kill, for example...

The guy he finally does approve of is the one who's planning our raid! The hick's case DID make it to the Supreme Court, or at least a preliminary hearing before one Justice. If the judge doesn't rule in his favor, our invisible team will bust him out. I'm worried, because the guy hired as his lawyer will go even further if necessary--assassinate a Supreme Court Justice to free his client! OK, lawyers are supposed to fight for their clients, but this goes too far! Yet I'm drawn in...

I help the team survey the site before the hearing. It's not in a hall, but on boulders emerging from water in a lagoon with low cliffs around. A sea-cave or huge pipe in the nearest cliff-face. The Supreme Court Justice always sits on one rock, the defendant on another. People fish from the banks--some teenage girls wear weird flamboyant clothes like they're priestesses or goddesses in the anime films I've been seeing lately.

The Hick's lawyer measures the water's depth: "Six to seven feet. Ideal." He plans to wait behind the boulder, submerged up to his nose, and attack the judge if he condemns the Hick--kill him if he has to. I notice a lot of monofilament strung around the place. Not sure if it's part of the team's plan, or just sloppy fishing.

Man, I'm uneasy. I want to prevent this from turning violent...

A trial held in a rocky pool. Cosplayers and shamans lounge on rocks. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
And THEN I wake. Shit! And if you feel cheated at not knowing how this one'll end, think how I feel!


Since the dream ends so abruptly, I've left in more of my notes than usual to give you an idea how, faced with a frustrating dream, I move from guesses like (flashlight: Popcorn Theater?) to firm meanings [VW keys = hippie values], to advice {ACTION: assert more, or this angry side will act for me--and overdo it!}. A dream that feels incomplete in PLOT may still succeed in conveying its MESSAGE; only your conscious craves nice neat endings.

Coyote-shaman-anime-girl watching the Trial of the Hick. Dream sketch by Wayan.

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