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Dreamed 1992/11/20 by Chris Wayan

I'm looking at three dials, over the shoulder of a teenage boy, or so he seems. But I know he's really a semi-divine being, created by God for an express purpose. And the hands on the dials measure it. Together the three dials let the panel-watcher measure three things simultaneously:

But this god-boy decides to just put a standard clockface over them. He'll consider only one needle: time!

God warns him "This'll make you turn evil, at least from a human viewpoint. Cruel, like time."

Angel-boy doesn't see it, says "I've decided the realistic thing to do is learn to coexist with tragedy and madness; they're inescapable in this material universe. But that doesn't mean there can't be moments of beauty, humor and joy."

That sounds poetic, doesn't it? But God wasn't being poetic when he built three different indicators. God knew tragedy and madness ARE escapable. You just monitor all THREE dials at once, as you were made to do!

So watch your body and your spirit, as well as your time. Who, if not you? God? His Jesusoid child? Forget them! Because...

Someone up there's not watching you.


The dream sounds so astral--positively unworldly--but last night, I was out late at an upscale party. The people seemed nice but definitely materialistic. Then one woman said to me "I ask friends to help me learn what I need... and help me trust it will be given me:

Huh. The three dials! And I've heard them before. Armistead Maupin put them more earthily in TALES OF THE CITY, but their essence is the same:

Both witty and logical--and yet, you know...

So many times in my life, I've had ZERO out of three. And still I was happy! The list is wrong, at least for me.

So my dreams showed me the underlying three things I really require--and must protect:

And frankly, even two out of three's not bad.

I'm just worried that Monomaniac Clockwatching Angelboy's real name isn't Lucifer, but... America.

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