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Dreamed 1972/1/20 by Chris Wayan

My sisters and I stand nervously at the edge of strip of woods, near sunset. We're afraid to enter because they have the reputation of being haunted. But Althea, the bravest of us three, heard a rumor it hides a golden treasure. So we hover at the edge, looking back with as much unease as forward. No one's watching, so we scurry in.

It's dark but navigable. Though... it's unmistakably deeper than the strip is by day. We walk on and on...

But deep inside the wood, where it's already near as dark as night, we run into other kids playing, in medieval clothes!

Strange-looking kids.

With torches.

We have to scare them off before we can dig for the gold. Guiltily, we start pushing them around, and drive them a little way off...

Then their parents show up. The Elder Folk! They're furious we bullied their kids. We're lucky they don't curse us, but they decide, instead, simply to tell us the truth. They don't "haunt" this wood. They come here at night, when mortals won't pester them, to mine diamonds.

We lost the friendship of the Elves, lost the chance for diamonds, all for gold--gold worth far less.


This theme of worldly (gold) vs. spiritual (diamond) treasure echoed for decades in my dreams. I was unsure why the dream was warning me, though--as I went on trying to sell art based on my dreams.

Marketing visions I was too scared to live.

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