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The Haunted Code

Dreamed 2017/6/16 by Wayan
For myopic old Adam Smith


I'm illustrating my alternate world Abyssia. Inspired by an early Tom Killion black-&-white print of a California girl kneeling by a dead seal, I sketch onscreen--draw a faux woodblock print of an Abyssian girl crouching on a beach, looking sadly at a dead seal--though of course she's not human, but a foxtaur. Fun... until the freeware crashes!

Girl finds dead seal on a beach. Black and white woodblock print by Tom Killion. Click to enlarge. Vixentaur finds dead seal on an Abyssian beach; faux woodblock print by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

An hour later, I've mostly redrawn my parody/tribute/altworld riff... still not quite done. But I'm exhausted. Save it and go to bed...


A specter haunts a mail-order
device, lurking in the code. Where
and why'd it spookify? Unclear.
But a robotic Kansas ware-

house distributes it over and over.
Each addressee (poor sucker) never
knows of the guest. However, whatever
they say upon its deliver-

y becomes sacred to the ghost.
Follows the holy word unasked.
No poltergeist--no malice in the play,
just unwanted diligence

blind to consequence, like a Golem or
Mickey's brooms, or the Monkey's Paw,
or any Chicago Economist's
mind of clammy Clay.

I follow four cases--or golem par-
ables. Each user eventually understands
the product is somehow to blame, and
returns it as defective. But the ware-

house testing-bot finds it good to go,
so out it sends the haunted pack-
age to victim anew. For the random talk
the ghost-code hears as setup commands

are always unique. So it runs amok
uniquely too. Hard to see an MO!
   Logical forensics
   and poltergeists don't mix.

No deaths so far, but close. And lots
of material costs. The '18 killer flu
came from haunted Kansas too;
beware those heartland bots.

NOTES IN THE MORNING Computer in flames. Cartoon by Wayan.


My account came up more than $300 short--for a service I never ordered or received. I strictly limit my online buying to the few items I really can't get locally--but my account data was still hacked! This dream was ten weeks before the theft, the first online theft I've experienced. Despite consumer restraint.

The dream was right; the net's dangerously hackable. Caveat Emptor! Buyer Beware.

At the time: ghosts - computers & Net - robots - habits - capitalism & economics - Kansas - poems - one from the Digital Bronze Age on crashing art-programs: Niches
Months later: money - crime - predictive dreams

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