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1983/10/24; ink, Xerox and acrylic wash, 10 x 14", by Chris Wayan.

I was cartooning with a headache. It took over and started drawing for me. Creatures came out.

Later, I xeroxed the sketch, enlarging it, then painted on the copy with acrylic (black Xerox toner not only doesn't run, it sheds color painted over it.)

Black eyed bird stares my aching head in the eye--dapper, demanding, decorative. Poem adds 'Splitting headegg--what'll I hatch? More evil terns? Or a snake of sense? My head rocks, athirst... waiting to burst.
A tern is a delicate seabird rather like a white swallow--beautiful, but rather snappish. Like me while I wait for my headegg to hatch.

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