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Incest Improv

dreamed 2005/6/13 by Wayan.
In a huge museum hall on the polished wooden floor,
I'm doing contact improv with my sister Miriel.
We slide and wrestle, roll and rub. I get turned on!
In past, I'd panic: incest! Now I just have fun.

An Asian girl joins us--a classmate of mine
at City College in a class on sex.
She was raised Confuciusly repressed,
and longed to break free. It's time.

As she dances and flirts with us, she grows
lighter! Off the guilt-weight steams!
Like washing stiffness out of jeans.

I plant my bare foot on her crotch
and lift her high! Above me floats
Cunt-Superman. She'd never have held
her balance before--just winced and toppled!
But there she soars, blushing, proud,
sex her fulcrum. At last unhobbled.

Now she wriggles, grows so light
She lifts off, gliding shy
around the museum--not too high.
Still, her first true flight.

Digital sketch of a dream: in a dance studio, an Asian girl is held aloft like Superman flying, balanced on my upraised foot


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