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Jelly Rebellion

dreamed 2008/8/19 by Wayan.

I get to interview my own disease.
Who are these foot-high jellies--cells?
Or ectoplasmic cops, directing qi
honking along in gridlock me?

Tiffany lampshades quivering;
inside, waxy loops of string.
To my dream-eyes, bucket-big;
I have to be cell-small.

The cult that led me here inside my hide
postulates just four deep types
of illness lurking latent in the gel.
Mine, they warn, involves two sorts:

Sly usurpers: sullen servant-cells suppress
their regulators. The maid masquerades
as princess, and the princess flees
to herd the mitochondrial geese.

The other type I face: Jello Rebels.
"Gobs off the job!" This class of blob
just won't work. "Cells on strike!"
Wait--have they been paid?

Amid this moral murk, one thing is clear.
Armed invaders I see none! Or rare.
My forty-seven years of ache
appear a (not too) civil war. And there I wake.

Jellyfish with angry eyes; digital illustration of a dream by Wayan, based on a batik/shibori image of a jellyfish by Joy-Lily at


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