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Joyous Ride

Dreamed c. 1953 by Janis Amatuzio

Before I started school at age four, I had an afternoon nap right after lunch. Mother would firmly insist on the nap, even when I protested that I wasn't tired at all. She would humor me sometimes by letting me sleep on her and my father's bed, which was covered with a white cotton bedspread with fringe on the edges. (I always hoped this privilege was granted only to me as the oldest child!)

I remember one particular afternoon when Mother let me nap on the big bed. She pulled down the window shades, covered me with a light blanket, and kissed me on the cheek. She shut the bedroom door behind her, and I drifted off to sleep.

What happened next I recall as if it were yesterday. A large, light-filled being appeared at my bedside. He was surrounded by soft white light laced with brilliant dancing colors as if they were bouncing from a prism in bright sunlight. He was so familiar in such an intimate way, it was as if I had known him forever. He took my hand gently and lifted me effordessly up out of bed. The light surrounded both of us yet didn't hurt my eyes. It was warm and comforting. I began to play with it, and colors bounced and swirled with just the touch of my hand. I remember splashing and swirling them, and laughing with joy when they began to take on form. Then he took my hand, and together we left the bedroom. The beautiful light continued to swirl around us, and suddenly two luminous horses emerged to carry us high above the earth. We soared over the most beautiful land ever seen, filled with all the colors of the rainbow and more. The hues in the light seemed to shimmer and vibrate as if alive, connecting heaven and earth.

As we soared on the backs of the beautiful horses, the being told me he was my guardian and guide. Without words, with only his thoughts, he told me he would accompany me throughout my entire life, as if riding by my side. He sent a wave of light streaming toward me. I remember reaching for it and wrapping it around me. As I did, an amazing feeling of love, joy, and ecstasy filled my heart, as well as a knowing... that together we would grace the land with beautiful light. I knew that I had never been so happy as right then and there.

From Beyond Knowing by Janis Amatuzio, 2006, New World Library, p.8-10. Original passage untitled; Joyous Ride is only my title of convenience--Ed.

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