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1989, nondream digital poster, by Chris Wayan
Dedicated to my dear friend Nancy Reagan,
for her charming slogan about drug use,
"Just say no",
applicable to so many other social institutions in our annoying times.

The genesis of this poster is a simple confession. What really built Silicon Valley? Coffee, speed and cocaine, mostly...

heroic Silicon Valley worker with a little tingle up his nose
The graffiti-scrawl "Down in Nostril City, they think it's play play play" echoes "Down in Robot City..." in the Incredible String Band song "Robot Blues," in which a drone worker tries to kill his boss.

Nosé, José literally translates "Dunno, Joe" but it's clearly a cousin to "No way, Jose."

Seriously--what's my drug advice, having survived the boom? Well... Alcohol sugar and caffeine are triplets joined at the hip. Beware! Steer clear of uppers and downers, they stripmine your body like Peabody Coal did to half Kentucky. Native tobacco is so-so, commercial tobacco is death. Eat or drink your cannabis, don't smoke it. Stick to good clean psychedelics in moderation, taken only till you learn to go to Magic Cookie Land on your own, in dreams and visions. I was pro-ecstasy, especially if you're bitter or paranoid like half of America, but then they laced it with all that speed.

But then, you know, everything in America is laced with speed.

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