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Kiss the Cats

dreamed 2008/8/23 by Wayan.


I walk up to Red Hill Books with my friend Alder to hear Chris Carlsson, the author of Nowtopia. His rant's interesting. He sees us all as workers; the middle class is a myth, just working folks with more toys. No more power than the poor, and stuck in largely meaningless jobs. "Even surgeons and firemen, doing undeniably useful work, must waste much of their time on paperwork and accounting--capitalist nonsense." The ruling class is tiny, insular... and clueless. And so society drifts.

It's ironic (given his topic) that he lectures too long. One-to-many transmission. How archist. I was curious who WE all are, this audience of Nowtopians. What projects are WE up to?

Like that cute brunette with the squeaky cat voice. I talk with her a little afterward, but don't try hard. Don't feel like looking for a girlfriend. Not til I know what this recurring mild fever is. Contagious? Probably not. But I don't want to spread germs...


Sketch of a human boy and a cat girl embracing.
Herd of cats?
There is no herd of
cats! So the cats I must kiss
with fish-breath kisses sloppywet
are a collection of six individual cats.
My problem isn't this non-herd of cats. It's
all those tall bipeds in clothes and wits
tossing in sideline ape-jibes:
Ewww, think of their

may think
but do NOT reply
Ewww, humans! Think
of all their ass-

Sketch of a human boy and a cat girl embracing.

of a thousand li is
made of single

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