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Dreamed 1979/9/7 by Chris Wayan

I'm given a tour of a deep mine out behind my parents' house, showing my sister around. The deepest levels have water, cold and hot, even some token trickles of lava, a lot of gold-bearing quartz, and blue clay where diamonds have been found. Little diamond-shaped tags mark the spots to encourage the miners. On the deepest level, at the end of the furthest tunnel, see a dark door. Look in till my eyes adjust...

Stars. See hills against the night sky. Recognize them at last: it's the rift zone near Caņada College and my parents' house. I can see the water tower, in a mirror set up just outside the door.

Movement! There's a guard! I fear he'll kill me for finding out there's an easier entrance to the mine--a simple route to the depths and their treasure! My father owns the mine, dug it himself. A monopoly. How far will he defend it? The guard just glowers.

I back out, return to the surface the hard way.

And I wake.

Write the dream. Believe it to be true. So I tell it to my mother as if it's a rumor I heard, without mentioning the source. She doesn't know, so she asks my dad! Damn!

But he says "No, I've never mined out behind our house, because if it caved in while I was alone, no one would know, I'd be doomed. It's just too dangerous."

I believe him. But the mine is there.

So whose is it?

And I wake again.


I think the dreams warn I have a secretive side sending me dream-insights, while my inner dad looks the other way. And the echoes of Spaceling hint that unearthing secrets too recklessly could destabilize me!

Are my dreams warning against themselves?

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