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Mom in the Driver's Seat

Dreamed before 1985; the initial dream of a patient of Jungian therapist Peter O'Connor

The... patient was a twenty-two-year-old single girl, whose presenting problem was one of depression, which had come to the fore during a recent holiday. She had this dream some time before she saw me, and it was this dream that... prompted her to contact me.

I was with my mother visiting a close family at a girlfriend's house and had stayed overnight and was sick in the morning. My mother was to drive me to work and I was very concerned about being late.

We were driving down High Street looking across to the right and there was a friend of mine and three other young people in a car moving at the same pace slightly ahead of us.

I had a very strong desire to be in this other car with my friend but was held back in my mother's car. I was late for work and I missed my first appointment with a colleague and I had a strong sense of not living up to my responsibilities, of having let my colleague down and also of being very, very angry with my mother.

SOURCE: Understanding Jung, Understanding Yourself by Peter O'Connor, 1985, pp. 135-6.

Dreams at the start of therapy matter. Some take a lot of interpretation, but this one's scorchingly clear. Mom's in the driver's seat, holding her back, and she's furious.

--Chris Wayan--

INTRO: Melbourne - grief & depression - therapy - initiations - dream advice
DREAM: on the road - hurry! - moms - sabotage - frustration - dating & work - anger -
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