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by Chris Wayan, 2003

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An index of Martian place names, with links to photos and short articles about Mars after terraforming.


  1. ACIDALIA, a northern plain, now a lobe of the North Sea
  2. AEOLIA, terraforming's triumph
  3. ALBA PATERA, a low, broad, northern volcano
  4. AMAZONIS, heart of the Martian rainforest
  5. AMAZONIS SEA, warm shallow lobe of the North Sea
  6. AMPHITRITE PATERA, a volcano on the south shore of Hellas
  7. ANTONIADI, a crater-oasis on the Araby-Syrtis border
  8. AONIA, Red Mars preserved
  9. APOLLINARIS PATERA, a large equatorial volcano, south of Elysium
  10. ARABY, the great northern desert once called Arabia Terra
  11. ARCADIA, Oregon on Mars
  12. ARCTICA, the new polar continent
  13. ARES VALLEY, a long desert river east of lower Mariner Canyon
  14. ARGYRE SEA, a mammoth basin
  15. AROMATUM CHAOS, a water-maze
  16. ARSIA MONS, a volcano of Tharsis, rivaling Oympus
  17. ARSINOES CHAOS, a water-maze
  18. ASCRAEUS MONS, a volcano of Tharsis, rivaling Oympus
  19. CANDOR CHASMA, in the north-center of the Mariner complex; now flooded and full of islands;
  20. CAPRI CHASMA, a wide, chaotic eastern part of the Mariner canyon complex; now a sound full of islands
  21. CASSINI, a great crater in Araby, now an oasis
  22. CERAUNIUS THOLUS and CERAUNIUS PATERA, large volcanoes in north Tharsis, by Lake Uranius
  23. CERBERUS FOSSAE, a range of canyons and hills in southeast Elysium
  24. the CHAOTIC TERRAINS, a fractal landscape
  25. CHARITIUM MONTES, the radial mountains south and east of the Argyre Sea
  26. CHASMA BOREALE, an ice-covered sound cutting into Arctica almost to the pole.
  27. CHRYSE GULF, a shallow sea north of the Mariner canyons
  28. CIMMERIA, Red Mars preserved
  29. CLARITAS FOSSAE, the unrecognized Andes
  30. COPRATES CHASMA, the deepest part of Mariner Canyon, east of Melas
  31. CYDONIA, the coast of desert isles
  32. the DAEDALUS PLATEAU, cursed by altitude
  33. the DELTA, lenticular heaven
  34. DEUTERONILUS MENSAE, a Siberian coast
  35. ECHUS CHASMA, a two-mile-high cliff, now a flyers' mecca
  36. ELYSIUM, the one true continent
  37. EOS CHASMA, southeastern stretch of Mariner Canyon, now wide sound full of islands
  38. GANGES CHASMA, a dead-end arm of lower Mariner Canyon, now a wide, deep sound
  39. GREAT ESCARPMENT: cliffs roughly girdling Mars, dropping from the Southern Highlands to the North Sea basin. Particularly visible around Isidis Bay and the Amazonis coast
  40. GUSEV CRATER, in Aeolia, is now a lake... again.
  41. HEBES CHASMA, a deep pit with a central mesa southeast of Echus Chasma and Kasei; the source of the Kasei outbreak. Now a cliffwalled valley with lakes.
  42. the HELLAS SEA, a thick-aired basin, now a Terran terrarium
  43. HERSCHEL, a large crater, now an oasis northeast of Hellas
  44. HESPERIA, a steppe revived at last
  45. HUYGENS, a huge crater, now an oasis with a central lake, northwest of Hellas
  46. the IAPYGIAN SINK, a fertile mystery
  47. ISIDIS BAY, an old impact basin, now a coral sea
  48. IUS CHASMA, in the upper Mariner complex; a straight canyon linking Noctis Labyrinthus and Melas Chasma
  49. JUVENTA CHASM, a cliffwalled sink in southern Xanthe
  50. KASEI VALLEY, prezebra heaven
  51. KEPLER, a large crater, now an oasis east of Hellas
  52. LOMONOSOV, a large northern crater, now a tundra island
  53. LOWELL, a deep double-walled crater, now a large southern oasis
  54. LUCUS FOSSAE, now a ridged and grooved equatorial cape
  55. the LUNAE PLANUM, a tropical plain--but wet or dry?
  56. the LYCUS SULCI, a wrinkled lava coast
  57. LYOT, biggest crater of the north, now an island
  58. MA'ADIM RIVER, a long southern stream, flowing into Gusev Crater
  59. MAJA VALLEY, a canyon in Xanthe, draining Juventa Chasm
  60. MALEA PLAIN, a steppe southwest of Hellas; a migration corridor to Argyre
  61. MANGALA VALLEY, a river on the edge of life
  62. MAREOTIS FOSSAE, a mountain range in Tempe with more ridges than grooves, despite its name
  63. MARGARITIFER CHAOS, a large, indescribable mess
  64. MARINER CANYONS, less certain than you think
  65. the MARINER DELTA, lenticular heaven
  66. MAWRTH RIVER, a winding, seasonal stream
  67. MEDUSA VALLEY, east end of the Martian jungle
  68. MELAS CHASMA, the center of the Mariner canyon complex, now flooded and full of islands.
  69. MERIDIA, Terra Meridiani, now an equatorial grass-belt
  70. MIE, a northern crater, now a cool, rainy island
  71. MTS OF MITCHEL, an icy extension of the South Polar Cap
  72. NEPENTHE VALLEY, an equatorial floodplain--the Martian Eden
  73. NEREIDIM MONTES, the radial mountains northwest of the Argyre Sea
  74. NILI PATERA, a volcano in Syrtis creating a rainshadow
  75. the NILO COAST, a vast, cool coastal forest
  76. NILOSYRTIS MENSAE, a stormy archipelago
  77. the NIRGAL VALLEY, a dry prairie
  78. NOACHIA, impact chaos
  79. NOCTIS LABYRINTHUS, the Maze of Night at the head of Mariner Canyon
  80. NORTH SEA, Mars's mother ocean
  81. OLYMPUS, quickly glaciating monster
  82. OPHIR CHASMA, north-central arm of Mariner Canyon, now a small sound full of islands
  83. ORCUS PATERA, a shattered volcano, now twin islands
  84. OUDEMANS, a crater just south of upper Mariner Canyon, now lake-filled
  85. the OUTFLOW CHANNELS, Mariner Canyon's delta
  86. OXIA PALLIS, a crater worn away by the Mariner flood
  87. PAVONIS MONS, a volcano of Tharsis, rivaling Oympus
  88. PHLEGRA PENINSULA, a rugged peninsula of northern Elysium
  89. PROTONILUS MENSAE, a Siberian archipelago
  90. SCHIAPARELLI, a great crater in Meridia, now an oasis
  91. SHALBATANA VALLEY, an old outflow channel just north of Ganges Chasma; now a river valley
  92. SIMUD VALLEY, an outflow channel, now the mouth of Mariner Sound
  93. SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS: Noachia, Aonia and Sirena, Cimmeria, Promethea, Hesperia
  94. SYRTIS, a green coast rising to dark Mt Nili
  95. TEMPE, a Martian Siberia, north of Tharsis
  96. THARSIS, a huge plateau rising into space
  97. THARSIS THOLUS or MT THARSIS, a large volcano near the east edge of Tharsis where it drops into the Kasei Valleys
  98. TITHONIUS CHASMA, a dead-end branch of Mariner Canyon, now much enlarged
  99. TIU VALLEY, an outflow channel, now an equatorial sound
  100. TRIVIUM CHARONTIS, eastern Elysium's fertile plain
  101. TYRRHENA, an equatorial yet alpine plateau
  102. UTOPIA PLANITIA, a northern basin, now the Sea of Utopia
  103. URANIUS PATERA, a large volcanic vent in north-central Tharsis, now a high-altitude crater lake
  104. VASTITAS BOREALIS, the northern sea-basin, now refilled
  105. XANTHE, a channeled plain--warm, but how fertile?

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