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Dreamed 1983/9/11 by Chris Wayan

A mutant boy (with mustaches for eyes) prays for friends.

I meet a mutant boy, maybe nine years old. He has two mustaches. That wouldn't be too bad a mutation, except they're where his eyes should be, so the poor kid is blind.

Naturally, I lead him up to the roof, where there's a door into another reality.

On the far side, I spot a small family of mustache-eye people! I call them over, and they willingly come through the door, delighted to find anyone at all like them. They were the only ones in their world, and they felt terribly lonely. Their daughter's a bit older than the boy, in her teens; she's cute aside from her eyes, but no one in her world would date her--not a hairy blind girl. Now she has a boy who'll appreciate her, and vice versa... Maybe they'll get married and have little mustaches...

Still, they're a bit disappointed when they felt my eyes. They admit "We still hoped you'd say 'Oh, you're normal here, I'm just a freak!'" They do feel better, having found one more boy like them... but they wanted a whole WORLD of mustache eyes.

You know, privately, I can't help feeling like that's not good. A whole blind world, just so they'll fit in?

So they prayed for a keg, and they got one beer. But their prayer was selfish, it'd limit others' lives! Any responsible prayer-answerer would have to check with others, and of course they'll wish fervently not to be blinded...

And people wonder why their prayers aren't answered!

In our tangled wish-jungle, it's amazing any prayers can be answered at all.

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