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Ode to Spam

by Wayan, 2007/10/11

"the telephone is the work destroyer" -- Ernest Hemingway
Softly snows the spam
upon my lonely brain
quilting me in flounderdrifts.
Shovel it again.

Each dawn I dodge edogshit
plopped on my front step.
Spam laps time from out my neck
in venal vampire suck.

The web's one nation of predation.
Half my mail's attention-glue.
Hooded beggars whine and clutch,
slit your pocket, steal your you.

The rest? A slobbering puppypile
of well-meant wannafriends. No won-
der Papa Hemingway ate that gun.
But persons from Porlock aren't my theme.

Roaches in my mailbox skitter,
breeding even as I clean.
Festering letters! Ça suffis!
Basta! Oh, I'm bitter.

Followers of Adam Smith
Pandoralike, can't keep
our glittering greed a myth
in the box asleep.

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