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1995/12/27, a digital painting of a hole in our myths, by Chris Wayan.

From Odilon Redon to Neil Gaiman, male creators seem to identify with Orpheus--the primal art-boy. He won his wife back from the land of the Dead, and when he blew it, he lost his head (which then led a strange, shadow life of its own).

OK, I admit it's strong material. But why are the mythic musicians all guys? Krishna, Orpheus, Kokopelli... where's Orphea, where's HER head? Me, I'll be your loving Euridyce if you'll be Orphea: girl musician so hot she can walk through the land of Death and back, and if she has a failing it's that she just can't keep her eyes off my gorgeous body, she loses her head for me, lost lost under the sea...

Maybe if I get a better haircut.

The female Orpheus, head lost to her fans like the male version. Her head floats through coral gardens...

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