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The Other Pillar

Dreamed 2007/12/9 by Roswila [aka Patricia Kelly]
I do admit I'm rather fond of this pair of dreamku:


dark would be lover
he growls he's not her father
but a man named Seth

his passion transmutes her
into a wild woman
tight black leather

Lots of wishful thinking going on there, methinks!

And that title? A reference to the dark pillar headed up by the Sephirah called Binah on the Qabalist Tree of Life.

"The energies present in Binah are linked to the Saturn-like influences in astrology. This Saturnian energy often invokes understanding, but only an understanding through patience and time of the hidden and unknown. Saturn's energy is demanding in what it asks of the individual, but it never asks for less than the individual is capable of giving.

For this reason, Binah is often perceived as dark and black because all colors are hidden within black. The color black veils the divine glory until time and understanding reveal it. This sphere is the place to seek the understanding of situations that have been difficult and obscure. It is a place of answers, but not until the time is right."

We're in the sign of Capricorn now which is ruled by Saturn, and I'm a Capricorn -- born January 4. That quote about Binah pretty much describes what this month has been for me: dark and difficult, but promising. And I'd say that mix is reflected in the dreamku...


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