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Dreamed 1998/9/25 by Chris Wayan

I'm a teen. Our family's camping on the floor of Yosemite. Our father's taking care of us alone. He's a tall thin black man who rides a motorcycle. A writer, he's never been too practical. Not much money. Rented little rooms and lived lightly... till now. Till he suddenly has three kids to raise.

See, our mom vanished. He's all the caretaker we have, now. And he hasn't been in our lives much, he's new at it; they were divorced for years before she suddenly abandoned us.

He's clearly overwhelmed. We have to be pretty self-sufficient. He barely has resources to find food and shelter for us. We use our sleeping bags; our bedrooms are little areas in the tent. He has just just a few photos and envelopes with money he's allocated for aspects of this camping-trip--his first attempt to budget and plan, maybe in his life!

We go into Yosemite General Store, and Dad returns a bad car part or tool he just bought here. It failed the first time he used it. He argues with a cute Asian girl at the counter who sold it to him. She casually tosses a large bolt away that she found by our car--I think it's the drain plug for the entire oil system and she's (maybe unintentionally) sabotaged his car repairs AGAIN. Dad plans to lead us across the country, car-camping the whole way to save money... heading west and then north to Seattle.

But he'll have to learn to stay alert, to keep things running!


I don't think this is just true for me. If you've successfully thrown out a lot of parental rules that weren't working for you... watch out for this! Your habits are adapted to those restrictive rules. Now that you're free, you may have to consciously relearn how to take care of yourself.

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