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The Plowshares Program

Dreamed 2017/11/12 by Wayan


I'm reading Soonish, half science reporting, half futurist guesswork, with a dash of mockery. Maybe not enough mockery. For example:

THAT NIGHT Mushroom cloud from botched underground test; tiny figures flee. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I'm in a nuclear test site, underground, on an endless spiral stair round a sealed central column two meters wide--the borehole and cladding, I assume. We're not testing a warhead; this device is designed for fracking or excavation. Part of the Plowshares Program! But didn't that end with the Cold War? Guess not.

The countdown's just minutes from zero.

A woman in a lab coat and I are both down here late--really should be up top by now. She finished her last-minute work, and we run up the stairs. Exhausting, endless... we were deep.

A barrier comes down, sealing off the stair above us! Aaaack! Luckily she knows the code, or hacks it, and after a minute's delay, she gets us through.

Four minutes to go.

Keep climbing--sweating, heart pounding. Make it up to the surface.

Three minutes.

Sand, but not desert--a long ocean beach facing north. We need to get as far as possible in case the seal doesn't fully hold. I think it won't--we were down there checking, and it looked bad.

The wind's from the east, so I grab her hand and yell "run!" and head upwind of the potential radioactive plume...

At least it's flat. Run run run run...


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