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Pool Assassins

Dreamed 2017/3/1 by Wayan

I'm at a swimming pool when the assassins attack.

First is a tall, good-looking young woman in a navyblue one-piece suit. She has a gun, but by sheer luck she only spots me just as I pop out right by her--so close I can trip her. She falls in the pool. I jump on top and hold her down till she goes limp. Dead. I'm in no mood to hold back, not after North Korea's leader sent those women to assassinate his own brother in public.

Then... when I'm IN the pool, three MORE women in swimsuits show up with guns. Trapped. I'm a fish in a barrel. But I dive--I can hold my breath a long time. Bullets slap the water, but it slows them within inches; even if I'm hit, I may get away with just shallow wounds or bruises, and the low angle deflects shots.

Their gunfire causes a panic. Lots of screams and running, then silence. No one grabs them--sunbathers just panicked and fled! Guess I'm on my own for the few minutes till the cops show up. Can I hold out underwater?

Maybe. I'm not in a swimsuit but cut-off jeans--for a reason. This attack wasn't totally unexpected. I stashed a futuristic weapon of my own in a pocket, as insurance. It's a flattened ovoid just 5-6 cm long. A stunner, not designed to kill. I fire from a yard under. Water bends and diffracts the beam a bit, same as light, but it still penetrates better than bullets. The three gradually get groggy and slow. Their aim gets sloppy.

Dream sketch by Wayan.
I keep firing till they stagger like drunks. Then I pop my head up by the edge like a seal, & zap them fully unconscious.

The stun'll last only minutes; no time, no help, no rope to tie them up. No cops yet, not even sirens. I'm alone here. With professional killers. When you have no allies, mercy isn't an option. Guiltily, but firmly, I push them in, face down, like the first killer. I don't like drowning women, or helpless prisoners--but I won't let assassins escape to try again.

You only get one chance to kill me. The new ruthless me.


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