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1997-2000 Digital nondream picture-poem by Chris Wayan

Let's all sit around exploring obscene websites! Thus, instead of working hard for industry and buying toys and using a gas-hog car or soot-spewing bus, we'll save the planet by staying in... nobly passive! Though I don't cruise the web much myself, because it's not your life, it EATS your life. Yet... maybe it beats alcohol. Okay, let's be pro-porn. For our children.

A blonde animal-girl begging for sex and a witch summoning heavenly doves, and greenhouse gas rising, and a poem: 'O blessed porn! We'll be reborn / as ponytailed blondes, / with legs and lovers long. / And none shall mourn / the world well lost / in the greenhouse holocaust. / O bless our porn; / we'll be reborn.'

Bitchy today, sorry. Just tired of Christians bitching about sex in the media. I'd take you seriously if you made one-tenth as much fuss about violence--in reality OR the media. The evidence that seeing violence encourages violence is much stronger than any correlations about sexual misbehavior. And we can argue forever about what's sexually irresponsible, but violence, by definition, HURTS people.

Including slow violence--like having my planet poisoned by good Christians like James Watt who treat THIS world like a cheap hooker. Use her, throw her away! Quite pornographic, really. Rape her resources, then dodge the consequences, skip out of town to Heaven... where earth-rapists go. Right next to the conquistadors and witch-burners!

Sorry to rant. Equal time for pagans, and all that. We don't get much talk radio.

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