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Snakes from India

Dreamed 1984 (late June/early July?) by Katherine Metcalf Nelson

Snakes entwine a human orgy; dream-art by Katherine Metcalf Nelson.


I walk through a gray, domed public events center, looking for a bathroom
in which to urinate and wash my hands. On the way out of the ladies' room,
I meet a Mormon art-educator-administrator to whom I have brought
information on Utah art. She is friendly, but we are miles apart,
going in different directions.

Later I am at home in my study when the phone rings. "It's from India."
Who do I know in India? I rush to the phone. It's my German friend who is
translating letters of Jung for an analyst. She is ecstatic, describing an erotic
body-snake bas-relief that she has seen. Dark snakes weave in and out of each
other; female bodies stretch upward toward a red disc.

I think of pre-Raphaelite paintings, of Jean Deville's Treasures of Satan.
The flow of life writhing around women's bodies as they curve and thrust
upward. In their midst is a young male caught up in this surge of feeling.

Source: Katherine Metcalf Nelson's Night Fishing, 1997, p.113; undated but between dreams dated June 5 & July 24.


The painting KMN refers to, Les Trésors de Satan, is by Jean Delville [not Deville]. I'd call those tentacles not snakes; but her dream clearly does echo the painting. Painting 'Les Tresors de Satan' by Jean Delville; Lucifer and a lot of naked women in red and gold. Click to enlarge.

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