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Ride the Gods of the Hand

Dreamed 2002/6/13 by Larry Vigon

Sandra and I were at the beach. It was still dark outside, just before dawn. There was a beautiful light on the ocean and the quality of the waves were most interesting. A pair of ducks landed on the water near the shore. I said to Sandra "I wish I had some food for them." Then I saw half a muffin lying in the sand. I pick up the muffin, walked to the edge of the water, and began to feed the ducks.

Then the ocean parted near the shore and a woman emerged from the waves. She looked like a gypsy, dark hair, lots of jewelry and a scarf around her head. She said to me "You must Begin to ride the Gods of the hand, in London."

I said "WHAT?" and she looked at me as if to say, hey I'm giving you great words of wisdom here, but the look was in jest and she was really caring. Then she said again "Begin to ride the Gods of the hand in London."

Then the ocean closed and she melted back into the waves.

Hand covered in names of Greek gods; dream painting by Larry Vigon.

Source: Larry Vigon's book Dream, 2006. Unpaged; untitled dream from middle of book. Odd capitalization is Vigon's.


I don't know palmistry. Did Vigon research the associations between gods and fingers, or make it up? Either way, it's odd that the thumb is blank. The most powerful finger of all.

A second blank: he doesn't say if he acted on the dream. Other entries make it clear he visits Europe often. But...

Even the clearest dream can stump you sometimes. If I'd met that wave-goddess, I don't know what I'd do. Do you?

--Chris Wayan

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