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Dreamed 2003/4/22 by Larry Vigon

Rooster with blue neck. Dream painting by Larry Vigon.

Sandra and I were walking through a wood. We came upon a man running around a tree, trying to catch one of several roosters. He was having no luck. The roosters were beautiful, with long necks covered in bright blue feathers. I quietly came up behind one rooster and grabbed it with great ease. I expected the rooster to struggle but it did not.

Then the rooster turned into a dog. A good sized dog, white with light brown patches. Normally this dog didn't like strangers but he became quickly attached to me.

As I held the dog, petting it and scratching its chin I was talking to a young man at a table. The table was was set up in the woods for a funeral the next day and people were gathering to pay their respects. As the young man told us about the man who had passsed away, he was eating caviar. He was very messy as he ate, dropping caviar all over the table and his lap. I hated to see the waste and wished I could have some caviar to Sandra [sic] and I went to sleep on the ground in the woods. I slept with my head on the dog's hind quarters. The dog and I were very content and a dreamed [sic] of us growing old together.

Then I heard a low soft whistle, it was the dog's owner and the dog had to leave.

The next morning the funeral group was there. A man that looked like Jeff Bridges was telling me that the young man I talked to was gone, and I told him that my dog had also left during the night.

But I was pleased to see that today we all had our own jars of caviar.

Source: Larry Vigon's book Dream, 2006. Unpaged, dreams untitled.
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Here we have a nested dream--a dream within a dream--that's subjectively longer than the dream containing it--indeed, the inner dream dreamt in the woods subjectively takes a whole lifetime!--and then we're back in the outer dream, which continues its own leisurely waking-like timeflow. Dreamtime seems as stretchy as film time, if minus the black-and-white calendar shedding pages like petals in the wind...

--Chris Wayan

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