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1994/1/11? Digital painting by Chris Wayan; a sexy daydream that suddenly spoke up

Daydream not dream--I just wanted to imagine getting licked by a nice friendly escapist dog on a nice shaggy rug, and the hell with practicality and guilt. But soon as I shut my eyes and went into the fantasy, all these weird questions start popping up around me. I can't even keep my FANTASIES cleanly pornographic. Gah...

I lie on the rug; my dog licks me--but weird questions fill my head, like who am I and why do I do this...
Who is this "I"? The answer is the Chinese character, 'ai': pronounced like I, it means love.

That's the message, I think. You go into these fantasies, embarrassing though they may be, and you come out more you.

And you are what you have to offer, in love--all you have to love with.

End of sermon, for today. I'll go back to doing the imaginary dog.

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